Sunday, June 26

my life

guess i should blog sth about my life since i havent been blogging for days. so yupps here i am. hope i am not wasting my life away har. hahas. erh finally managed to complete chem e learning worksheet today. but i have loads and lots of other homework left. HELP.

went for SE concert with yy and yl yesterday. interesting things happened. hahas. mii and yy met at tm then went from tm to bedok to get gerberas for the SE ppl performing and then chiong back to dhs by taxi. hahas. TAXI eh. arent we generous (: but we were almost late. but the concert started late so phew. we were not late. i sorta have some kind of concert-luck or wadever u call it.

that time band concert mii and jh were the last two to enter the hall lol then the door was closed and only opened during the first interval. we were just on time. yesterday we were late by a few minutes and the concert havent start. wheee. i was so worried that i might miss the pieces played by twin. hahas. luckily i didnt.

my twin's a star last night (: in fact everyone from SE's a star last night. well done ppl =)

kaes friendster website is currently lagging. and finally the page has finished loading. my cousin's a meanie. he didnt keep his promise. he promised to write a friendster testimonial for mii last night humph!!! not going to give him the chocolate i bought in germany lalala~ bwahahas.


kaes nvm. so well sch's reopening tmr. i have this excitement inside of mii hahas cos i can see jingle, jh, yy, yl and others almost every day le. then can crap and gossip bwahahas. and even pia tests and homework together. holidays really lonely nehhs. hahaas.

theres bio test in the first week and i havent touch my biology textbook at all. erh wells not literally laa. but i did flip thru it to find answers for the bio ws. everytime i see the bio ws i lost the interest in doing it. hahas for some reasons. i certainly hope i dun start hating bio lehs.

but whatever it is. i still love chem the most. wheee.

hopefully after bio test this week i can go watch 'alot like love' and 'initial d' with haojiemeis. yuppps. wishing upon a star... ... ... lol.

theres youth day concert rehearsal tmr. hope everything goes well and hope that i will be able to perform my duty as the i/c of stage coordinating well enough and not flop the whole thing like i did the previous time. booo. hehes.

receive an email on cpa from yifang last night. erh. i am kinda lost and duunno wad the email's talking about. maybe jingles can enlighten mii.

i duno if i have morning duty tmr. hafta check the sc board.

hmmm. i havent start on bsp yet. i have lots of hw still waiting for mii to complete but whatever.

life is still sweet... and may it remain as sweet forever.

although sometimes when reality strikes, i just wanna break down and cry. hehes.

may life be sweet for you too (: take care.


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