Wednesday, June 29

quick blogging

gonna do some really quick blogging kaes before i go off and do my language arts homework. watched jue dui superstar on channel u jus now. whoa. for today's round rite, i support william, derrick and someone whose name i forgot. william has super high self esteem and attractive eyes. hahas. kaes then ya today the guys not bad laa. tmr's the female contestants. yepps.

went to sch and pia bio this morning. i only slept four hours last night. YES FOUR HOURS. my head kept spinning in school today lorhs. argh and yes eyebags. wad else do u expect. hm maybe pimples too. whatever.

did morning duty then went back to class for cme. today cme lesson was interesting. abt dating and the behaviours and precautions to take ohwells. but its like the most interesting cme lesson so far this year. everyone was so interested in the topic. hahas.

after cme was pe. took height and weight. it was the same as the one taken earlier this year. yeps. maybe i gained weight. hahas.

then played captain's ball. i was in the odd number team. bwahahas. peixin super hiong cann. her head hit my hand then she snatched the ball from mii until i sat on the ground. hahas violence lo >.< then i substituted huanglin as the captain then i managed to catch the ball once. then siva asked us go back cls liaos. wheee. pe's funnn

after pe was language arts. lecture and stuff. mdm nora called mii shi min instead of annabel. i thot she wanted to call jingles lorhs. hahas

finally recess came. went to pass consent forms for trip to singapore art museum on friday to jiamin, charmaine and 3i ppl and xiaoyu. then went back to cls and pia bio. i was kinda talking loudly or rather i WAS talking loudly then ppl started shhhh-ing mii. esp jingles and darren. booo. FINE i am loud.

after recess went for physics practical. we redo the practical on sound. was struggling with the experiment. we mis-arranged the apparatus too. i think it was my fault. cos i used pencil case to support the sound guide instead of the wooden thingy provided. hahahas. then i measured the wrong sound sensor too. bwahahas. wj kept 'attacking' mii with the ruler and sound guide lorhs. tsk tsk tsk. ap >.<

it was only the later part of the experiment when we had gotten the hang of it then we started playing a fool. hahas. ohkae. correction. It was MIII who started playing a fool. i held out the sound sensor to jh and asked her what she think of dunmanian idol. then when we reached the part which require the frequency of our individual voices. i started lalala-ing into the sound sensor. i even helped jh to lalala lorhs. wheee helpful me lalala. ohya. before that nic said is hum into the sound sensor to detect frequency then mii and jh asked how to hum. he hummed then we had a laughing fit. esp mii. i cant stop laughing and started crying wow. hahahas

i was apparently LOUD and making too much noises cos darren and jm kept shhh-ing miii. tsk. so meannn. hahas

after physics was maths. remainder and factor theorem. it was fun. but erh kinda complicated at first. cos we forgot how to do the long division of polynomials. but mr helmi enlightened us (:

after maths was school dismissal. but we had afternoon lessons laa. started piaing bio. then went outside 3k clsrm then try to settle the issue of offering cordless mikes for the lower sec youth day concert with geneve, eugene and colin. i was really undecisive abt wad to do. then the others gave ideas lorhs. and finally colin gave a smart idea which ended the sorta argument between four of us. bwahahahas.

then ms loh came into the clsrm and i returned for the bio test. while the three of them went to look for ms yeo. they are nice ppl. hehes. thanks lots (:

bio test was ... ... totally dorts. i am gonna fail thats practically the fate i have to resign too. i gave really stooopid and dumbo answers lorhs. whatever. its over.

kaes this entry is supposed to be short but ohwells. after bio was chinese. erh not bad laa. today is a happy day~~ hahas life is sweet.

but the sweetness will end soon if i dun hurry up and do my LA homework. cos my headache is returning. tata ppl takkaire cos i care (:


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