Thursday, June 23

neoprints ~

whoa this morning tidied and put the stack of chi notes and worksheets into my chi file. Then st arted arranging my neoprints in my new photo album. ya i noe that i am wasting time and i should only be doing this when i have lotsa time to spare which is definitely not now. but if i dun arrange my neoprints neatly then i wont be able to concentrate on my school work. booo thats the weirdo mii laa. anyway jus realised that i have 105 neoprints altogether unless i counted wrongly. whoa isnt that a nice number. hahas. btw i have fallen in love with jamelia's superstar. they played the song during the audition for jue dui superstar on channel u. and they played the song during dunmanian idol yesterday bwahahahas. i dun really listen to english songs. i only got like 4 cds of english songs. two of which are modern love and erh tata young's cd. hahas. sexy naughty bitchy mii. bleah.

yups thats like so pathetic. the rest of the cds are chinese songs lorhs. yups u are right. majority are jaychou's. omg can u believe it jaychou is in singapore. i feel so terribly sad to be stuck at home today and doing my homework. i want to chiong to cineleisure to watch initial d. ahhhh and alot like love. this is so sad cann. my favourite movies are showing at the cinema and i am sitting in front of the computer blogging. hahas

i want to take more neoprints lehs. hahas. my favourite of the neoprints are those taken with cindy, cheryl, juehui, yi ling and yunyin. ohya theres art club too. hahas. super nice. we are united. yups (: artclub rawks rawks rawks =)

hmm let see wad i am going to do today. i am going to complete my part for the chi translation proj then call jh and ask her how we going to collate. and tata a project finally completed yups. i will be starting on my reflection for the germany trip then we will collect as a cls then pass to ms ling. hmm

i will try to do maths and physics today bahs. OMG. bsp. bsp bsp. HELP.

kaes. btw i watched jue dui superstar first round last night. yesterday were the guys contestants. tonight's are the female contestants. and they are going to tao tai 2 contestants. yups. hmm i think i support kelvin. yups he has a great voice though he is blind. really touched by his singing. then he cried yesterday when the judges giving their opinions. jiayou!! hmm the other guy whom i am support wld be that guy who sang 'ai wo bie zou'. he is good looking. hahas. one of the judge super niao cann. say his dressing should sing 'tuo diao' instead. lol

yups tonight's the female contestants. some of them super chio. remember to watch kaes. results will be released tonight at 1130pm. OMG. i jus realised i will be going to my ex-neighbour's house later lehs. how to watch omg omg. ahhhhh. how arh. can i go her house and watch. lols. maybe can ask laa. heehee. i am a tv freak nehhs.

i dont know wad it is
that makes mii feel like this
i dunno who u are
but you must be some kind of superstar (:


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