Thursday, June 30

fun but tired day (:

whoa today decided to come online in the noon. then try not to come online at night cos i will get carried away with chatting at msn then hafta sacrifice my beauty sleep lalala. today super tired in school cos the past 2 days i only had 4 hours of sleep per day.

wednesday night was piaing for biology test. slept at 1am then woke up at 5am to pia. yep as for yesterday night i was piaing chinese translation project but never bring today. then doing LA yesterday oso. yups. tonight i have a goal and thats to sleep early. yeps. hahas.

but i hafta lotsa things not done. firstly i havent do my bsp hols homework. ahhh. i am gonna start on it asap. then there's geog worksheets which had to be done with info from a website.

then theres maths worksheet exercises to be completed. a few questions only. and theres chem ws but i dunno how to do. and finally physics practical and hols homework.

and i have to double check all the stage coordinating stuff to be done tmr. i hope and pray real hard that everything goes on smoothly tmr. i shall blog about my day and start doing wad i should do.

this morning woke up at 650 am lorhs. argh. was moody in the morning cos insufficient sleep. then reached school at 712am like that. met jess and fran at the sidegate. then walked to clsrm. took books out from locker then did morning duty.

after morning duty went back to cls for maths. mr helmi continued teaching the worksheets he gave yesterday. then he asked mii to go to the board to write the answers. i was kinda blur then kept huh-ing. ohkae. i was VERY blur. sigh.

after maths was geog. stayed in cls and ms pear went thru worksheet 1. then when she went thru till the super chim question which both mii and jh duno the answer then she called 'annabel, answer this question' i was like omg then at a loss of words. then started crapping with help from yl, jm, jh and darren laa. hahas. then i stood for a relatively long time. gosh. bwahaaas then darren started niaoing mii with short forms. booo. he said i bth you then told chongthee to explain to mii the meaning. bth = buey tahan argh

after that went to com lab. i sat alone at the first row again. then kept turning back to ask jh questions. hehes. then ms pear called darren, eugene, jm and mii to stay back to see her after lesson. so we did. she didnt ask jh and kenny to stay back but kenny stayed back. orh. must do ppt for opening house for dhp on 23 july. then yuhan and jh oso got things to do laa. each of us in charge of sth lorhs then darren in charge of collating everything and deadline's next friday. sigh yeps. mii and jh in charge of shopping, salt mine and castle (: 2 person 3 topics lehs. bwahas.

still... GERMANY RAWKS (:

then went out of com lab and saw yl, jh and jess waiting for mii. jh even helped mii take my chem textbook and file from cls le lorhs. thnks darhling =)

rushed to chem lab. mrs phua already started going thru the practical we were going to do. the guys were even later than us lorhs. then mrs phua demonstrating cleaning and using the burette then hafta hold it with the retort stand. got niaoed again. said i was not tall enough to see the reading on the burette. grrr. then jh started laughing. meanie eh >.<

went back to benches to do experiment. super blur at first then jingles and ruth enlightened us (: yipppeees

who says i cant read the reading on the burette lorhs. i CAN okae. hehhs. bwahahas.

after practical went to ask the lab assistant for extra lab stools for tmr youth day concert. then mii and jh dragged the stools up to the hall but the hall was locked for chinese exams. argh so we dragged the stools up to the clsrm lorhs. jh is nice. thnks alot. hehes. after tha we went down to canteen to makan. had fish burger and peach tea.

after that went back to class then to AVT for LA. watched the matrix. some parts very gross lorhs. esp that worm thing and the holes on the protagonist's body. argh. at some parts i was falling asleep. then the gongfu part hahas. slow mo =.=!

we had 2 continuous lectures every thursday on our new timetable. wow cool har. hahas. anyway its not cool at ALL during LA lecture. no air con. super warm lorhs. afte coming out of the avt the air was fresher and even cooler lorhs bwahahas.

then went into LT for hcl lecture. before the lecture starts, i overheard darren or huanglin saying something like art club not gd or sth. i cant rmb. then mii, cecilia and jh started arguing and protecting art club (: wheeee. gave a whole lot of crappy reasons on how good art club is. hahas. ART CLUB RAWKS KAES.

then realised that we were talking really loudly or at least i was then alot ppl looking at us. hahas. exciting lehs. like debate hehehes.

then watched a film on erh shucks i forgot whos that guy. ahhhh. huanglin said he looks like chiak chiang then mii and jh started laughing. really resembles abit lehs. hahas.

then i was struggling to keep myself awake while watching the film. was kinda relieved when the film FINALLY ended. hehes. went out of LT and was heading back to class when mrs kang saw mii and jh. then asked us if we collected the consent forms le ma.

went back to cls then to find chip. chip is a responsible chairperson (: she went around collecting the consent forms. yupps.

then peiyu came over to wait for mii and jh and we walked to bus stop together. yayy. chatted with peiyu on the bus. hahas ah had alot to talk abt. we didnt go out of movies during the hols due to our busy schedule so we will be catching a movie real soon. most probably next week. also hafta catch a movie with yy.

btw forgot to mention in yesterday's entry about hosting students from china nanjing. yeps. i am hosting one of them. they arriving on the 10th of july. theres a briefing abt this exchange prog this saturday for students and parents. i am going with my mom. whoa exciting. i wonder how my new friend will be like. hehes

alright gonna start on homework. cya


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