Saturday, June 18


btw to add on to the previous entry, there were violence in batman begins. super loads of violence. argh. hahas. yuppps. i kept preparing to close my eyes lols. and i was gripping my bag. whatever

supposed to meet shumin this morning at erh 10am. then she sms mii at 0908 to say that she wld be late. then i was super tired and had no strength at all to get out of bed then i replied her, suggesting to change the meeting time to 1030am then i continued sleeping. slept until 945am. super tired. dragged myself out of bed then washed up and changed into pink bermudas and black camp tee. hahahas.

then had breakfast. didnt want to eat anything at first. sigh. my dad was nice. he fetched mii to raffles place mrt. wanted to alight at aljunied mrt station then take mrt to raffles myself. hahas. thnks dad (:

shumin was late. hahas so i went Aries to look at necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, toerings and earrings. saw anklets with bells. nice nice. then went to help my grandma top up her ez link. supposed to top up yesterday then i forgot. waited in front of the control station. was reading my teenage magazine. then suddenly started sneezing. who's thinking of mii. hahahas. booo

then saw shumin and we walked to boat quay together. walked to the bridge beside esplanade. super hot lorhs. then saw band members from other schools and ncc ppl there. jingle said they were rehearsing for national day. then she super hyper. started dancing to the music. lols. then sat under the bridge. jh came. jingle went to film buildings. mii and jh sat down and chatted. then jingle came back and started filming us lols. sat under the bridge for quite a while. couldnt proceed to other scenes cos no actors. then finally we decided to change the story plot.

i just finished typing the story outline. its practically like fanfic cann. hahas yuppps. anyway we walked to citylink lorhs. then bought hot dog roll at polar and sat at the tables there to eat and discuss. after eating, i bought an iced latte. jh bought iced mocha. and i saw the chocolate mint cake jh they all bought for mii birthday. hahas super touched.

anyway ya we continued discussing. then jingle played with my hp camera. the more we discussed the faster the ideas poured in. and tata. we had a love story. a sad one. no 'happily ever after' hehhhs. boooooooo

then jingle left at 3pm. mii and jh discussed until 4 plus then we went around looking for props for the film. went to suntec. then i bought a converse shirt. yea the one that i wanted. went to try and its not bad. hahas. even my mom said its nice. thot she was going to scold mii for anyhow buying things. lols.

then jh peii mii walked to the exit and i walked to city hall. hmmm. yuppps busy day. lotsa inspirations. havent decide whos going to act in our film. but ohwells there will be someone laa. the story is romantic. guess i am going to work on the script now. bye.

life is still sweet lalala~ at least for now. hehehehes


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