Tuesday, June 21

the production of chi mv

whoa. i or rather we managed to do something constructive today. we completed chi mv. FINALLY~ today's quite a fun day except for the night part, which is now. look at my msn nick and you will noe why. dont ask mii why. pls. thnks alot.

my msn nick : life's not sweet anymore. or maybe it has never been sweet at all
personal msg: sometimes when reality strikes, i jus wanna break down and cry ):

actually the msn nick i wanna add somemore de but no more space laa. then i dun wan take down my blog website oso mahs. so yupps. wanted to add: jus that i am too idealistic

yups reality strikes. jus did. and i seriously feel like crying. i am not going to watch tonghua mv now. cos it really will make mii cry. activate my tear glands and stuff. argh.

woke up at eleven plus this morning. so had brunch as usual lorhs. not really laa. i ate crackers whlie my grandma went to buy mii lunch. started reading 'a walk to remember' by nicholas sparks which yy lent mii. suddenly rmb the book when wj reminded mii yesterday. he said that our LA story outline, the one i wrote, was kinda similar to the book and that the guy is sweet. hahas kaes.

talking about LA project makes my blood boil. i am currently super bushuang. be it something, someone or some-whatever which/who piss mii off. I AM JUST BUSHUANG.

before i go on abt why i am bushuang let mii continue abt my day first kaes.

yups the book was kinda boring in the first part. introduction and stuff. i was frantically waiting and reading for the part where the Landon falls in love with Jamie and then realised that Jamie is suffering from leukemia.

then my grandma bought cai fan for mii. rice with erh yu bing and some pork or chicken. theres green pepper yuckkae. felt super bloated after eating. then erh continued reading the book then finally got ready to meet jh and px at the mrt station. didnt noe wad to wear so jus wear the first thing i found laa. beige tee and op flowery bermudas. typical beach style but who cares.

then i was afraid that i might be late and keep px and jh waiting again so at 1255pm i started walking to the mrt station. yuppps. wore my anklet and heart shaped earrings. casual de laa.

i think i must have walked super fast cos i reached the station at 159pm. pro huh. hahas px smsed to say that she will be late. didnt see jh there yet so she most probably havent reach. went to the toilet then came out. i think i saw my kor using the public phone outside the mama shop. not sure. but i think its him. he busy talking so nv see mii or maybe he dun recognize mii. anyway he is my cousin. i call him kor kor laa.

then went to cheers. looked for chocolate to buy for px's teacher. yups then went to the control station then continued reading the book. then jh came and she looked super apologetic for being late. usually i am the one late mahs. hahahas. theres a first time for everyone and everything. she told mii that i left home veh early cos she called my hse and wanted to tell mii that she wld be late but i already left le. bwahahas punctuality!

then chatted and walked out of the station. saw px walking towards us with a sling bag. she super slim and has super slim arms. ah envious!

then went into cheers. yups chocolate hunting. hahas then we kept cracking jokes that we buy 3 pieces of chocolate then the teacher treated us back lol. kept laughing. in the end we bought a box of dove chocolate for the teacher. px bought dried raisins. jh and i bought the 4 pieces chocolate for 1.95 i took one packet of m&m chocolate, m&m peanuts, snickers and twix. after that we crossed the bridge outside the mrt station to the other side. then it started to rain and i started whinning abt the rain. hahas. and jh and px started to niao mii. tsk tsk.

then i hao bu rong yi hailed a taxi. we rushed onto the taxi cos it was raining. then peixin showed the taxi driver the address then he ap. said he going home liaos so no time then asked us to get down and flag another taxi. attitude laa. wdh. super pissed off.

then finally flagged another green cab. then we boarded it. then px told the uncle that we wan to go to shen me shen me street hahas. mii and jh started laughing then px took out the address and showed the uncle. then mii and jh kept laughing until i cried yups. hahas hilarious lorhs.

then i munching on my m&m chocolate on the taxi. shhh. then chatted and discussed then finally reached px's teacher's office. then alighted. then went into the school.

then yups started doing. not really laa. we were chatting and laughing .talking abt our own stuff. then i was reading my book at some points of time. then finished eating my chocolate. wanted to karp the dove chocolate we bought for the teacher lol. naughty bel (: hehes

then ya. we completed the whole thing at 720 like that. px left at around 7pm so mi and jh waited for the production of the chi mv. super impressed by the effect done. hahas. our chi mv is super cute. are you envious? >.< color="#ff6600" size="5">happy birthday to youu
happy birthday to youu
happy birthday to JOVIAN
happy birthday to youu

stay cheerful, humorous and sehh.
best wishes ~

yups then i oso makan lorhs. after that had mango pudding and green tea. then came online to discuss abt LA. yups negative answer as expected. then reality struck. jingle was right. i had been so stupid and naive. really. i am really disappointed. jus wanna break down and cry. i hate myself for believing and trusting you. and i hate you. dun ask mii who i hate. if not i am gonna arbish u. i was super bushuang just now. and only slightly better now.

but all i can say is that LA filming is gonecase. seem like only mii, jingle and jh care abt LA. and there obviously dont seem to be any KIND soul out there. not that i noe of any. esp some ppl laa. nvm. WHATEVER.


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