Monday, April 11

the pacifier

wheeee. today is definitely one of my happiest day in my whole life except for some minor incidents laa. wahahas. let mii get the details into this entry before i forget them kkaes. hahas yepps thanks to my short term memory. ehs i think its contagious and i got it from someone. tsk tsk. wahahas

alright. this morning. reached sch at 711 am. cos i woke up late. hahas. its supposed to be a hols for dhp students lorhs. booo. still have to go school. then i went to cls. carrying a chao ji light bag. so shuang wahahas. then saw yunyin and yiling in cls. they looked so ecstatic to see mii

hahas then i went to look for jia min but she not in cls. so i walked to parade sq wid yunyin, yiling and juehui. it is not compulsory for dhp students to come to sch laa. then our cls was like so pathetic cann. only 4 students at flag raising. mii, juehui, yunyin and yiling. after that we went back to cls. then did mi project discussion then looked for teacher mentor and other teachers. did interviewing and stuff. yepps. busyy. after that mii and yunyin and jue hui decided to go to cineleisure to watch movie.

we stopped at somerset mrt then walked to cineleisure. yepps. then bought tickets for the pacifier movie. then went to more than words to look see look shop after which we went to buy popcorns, drinks and nachos to eat during the movie.

then we were able to find our seats quite easily in the dark cinema, surprisingly for mii laa. then yunyin sat in between mii and juehui then we put the nachos and popcorns on her lap.

the pacifier totally rawks. when i thot the movie was going to end wid a happily ever after ending, the twist came and it was the climax of the movie when the good guy became the bad guy and the neighbours were actually bad undercovers. eeeeyer meanies. its a total surprise. but the movie still ended happily ever after laa x) fortunately.

the movie reallie rawks. it is as good as constantine and cinderella story and anacondas. And.... its even better than son of the mask.

okae. its not as scary and suspense-filled as constantine. there wasnt much effects in the movie.

and its not as romantic and dream-like like cinderella story

not as terrifying and disgusting as the huge anacondas

but the pacifier is unique and totally humorous and action filled. yepps. its totally exciting and nice. and its even nicer wid the twist in the movie. the movie is oso cute. yepps. and shawn wolfe has a nice and muscular body >,<>

its a movie not to be missed. and thats enough as a valid reason for you, you, you and you to watch it. the story plot is totally exciting. check out more abt it at gv cinemas homepage. or cathay cineleisure.

hmmm anybody watched samara or the eye 10? tell mii abt it kkaes. hahas. i noe i am timid but somehow i just love to watch horror movie. although i noe i will be covering my eyes practically most of the time laa. but still that leads to a conclusion. i like to cover my eyes when i am scared? hahas okae. its lame. wadeva

after movie we went to pretty in tokyo then we dragged juehui to take neoprints wid us. the machine rawks. the effects done were great. the fireworks. woohoo. but i think theres too much of it laa.

we had a tough time decorating the neoprints and deciding on who takes which. but still we came to a decision. and we had such a wonderful and enjoyable time taking the neoprints. yepps its like so exciting. and fine. i acted cute. who dont when they are taking neoprints?? maybe the guys laa. i nv take neoprints wid guys before. and i am glad i havent. cos i bet i will kanna niao abt acting cute after taking. wahahas. but who noes. i might be naturally cute >.<

wahahahas. who am i. am i bel. when did i became so thick skinned nehhs?

arrrbisshhh hahas okae. enough. the neoprints were among the best i ever taken. and now i am crazy abt neoprints once again. i am gonna take more neoprints. yepps. erm after taking neoprints we walked back to somerset mrt lorhs. nv shop. boo. nvm laa. another time lorhs. i wanted to buy amos cookies de lehhs but my wallet was almost emptied. too bad lorhs oh ya. i told juehui and yunyin alot abt my past movie experience. wahahas. then we had a good time laughing.

i will tell u the interesting experiences if we watch movies together at cineleisure. hahas. lotsa funny things happened there. at least 3 incidents. then er took mrt home lorhs. yeppps. oh ya. at the somerset mrt. there was this guy, or uncle to be exact. he gave mii this leaflet on god. yesh. but i already have a religion and i am a buddhist yeahs? aiya i just took the leaflet he gave lorhs. then i rmb that he was the guy whom mii and charmaine met at bugis last year. he was telling us wad must study hard and believe in god. then dun commit suicide and stuff. yepps.

ehs do i look like i will commit suicide???!!!! alright. maybe he saw the plaster on my wrist. but i DIDNT SLASH MY WRIST THE WRONG WAY LAA. its just sth purplish on my wrist laa. haiyoo =.= piang. then we continued to chat and crap on the train. rawks lorhs. dint noe that mii and juehui and yunyin had so much to talk abt. yepps. the pacifier rawks too.

today, tmr, the day after and thursday no need to go sch. we are supposed to do mi project preparation during this 4 days. 1 day has passed. left 3. today watched movie only 6.50 bucks lehhs. weekend is 8.50 bucks i think. so these 4 weekday- days rite. i wanna watch all the movies i wanted to watch. like pooh's heffalump movie. samara and eye 10 and er hitch and a series of unfortunate events etc. totally uncountable?

hahahs i noe i will be broke and who cares laa. i just wanna make my time fruitful and enjoyable. and it totally rawks to go out wid jue hui and yunyin u noe. the more the merrier of cos. yepps wish mii luck for my catching of movies. check out tmr's entry to see if i get to watch any movie tmr. wahahahs. i am looking forward to more movies. and i wanna shop. okae. shall go and play neopets now. later still got discussion wid the others. cya ppl.

and i wanna say watch the pacifier.

it rawks ((:

and i wanna ask.

have you watch tonghua's mv? heheheh

and one last question

did you cry like i did? wuhahahas

isnt this lame? wahahas. wadeva. who cares.

ohya i just happened to read this msn msg log yesterday of mii and someone laa. then i dunno why but msn always cant save the convo between mii and that person laa. then i was browsing thru my msg log then i realised that it saved that one msg log. totally surprising. and its one of the happiest convo i ever had. does it mean sth? hehehes. i believe in horoscope. totally.

and i believe that every single thing that happened represents sth. hmmmm mystery nehhs ((:


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