Saturday, April 9


top three mv which I like:
1. guang liang- tong hua
2. jay chou- ge qian
3. jay chou- qing tian

all the songs in the tong hua album is nice. i spent the whole of today listening to it. hahas. yepps guang liang rawks!

yepps. Ohwells. Now that the srt comp is over, we have to draw for the Japanese art competition. And level camp is from 4 to 6 may. There seems to be some problems wid the groupings. I was initially in the same grp wid jessalyn and junming I think. This grouping was done by the chairperson of each class. Then we were told to group ourselves into 3 girls per grp wid different cca. Then the guys hafta draw lots. Then I was in the grp wid Joanne, li wen and junming. Then yesterday charmaine told mii that the 4 ppl in each grp will be further divided in grps omygawd lorhs. Singapore.river.terror is finally over but I haven?t gotten over the traumatizing experience and now is up next. Why are there so many nightmares? Grrrr

last year?s level camp was fun and enjoyable cos peiyu and other nice ppl were in my grp. I am worried abt this year?s camp though. I am a Gemini. I cant live in solitude I hate loneliness. I dun wan to be alone. Lemme pray hard I get one or more of my many haojiemeis in my grp kkaes.

Ohya I wanna recommend this nice and touching fanfic:

its about jay and jolin. Yepps I noe they are history but they are still one interesting couple to write abt laa. And its based on jay?s ge qian mv.

Its another fairytale in reality. And somehow after reading the fanfic you wanna have ur own fairytale too. Or at least I do.

fairytales just seem so wonderful. They make true love seem possible. but not every fairytale comes true and ends with a 'happily ever after' everyone has a fairytale in their heart, waiting for their prince to appear. fairytales can be disappointments too. they can be just plain lies. broken promises. the cause of broken hearts.

they make ppl believe in them and then disappoint them. yepps okae i shall stop here. if not i can continue crapping abt fairytales. i stopped believing in fairytales for a period of time. which is like last week. but somehow now i started to believe in fairytales once again. but i am not desperate for it to come true. i just take things in my stride. it will come true when the time is ripe. but i am not wasting my life waiting for my prince to come kkaes.

4 chinese characters to summarize wad i said in the previous paragraph: wo kan kai le x)

yepps. i am not reallie looking forward to mi week too. its a new thing. new experience. but its gonna be lotsa work u noe. interview. meeting wid teacher mentor.
well. lemme continue on wad i wanna say abt fairytales. hmmm tong hua. yepps fairytales. some have happy endings while some endings are just totally heartbreaking. not every prince from ur fairytale will stand by you always. not every prince will assure you that the fairytale you both are in will end happily ever after. some princes dun care. they are just plain jerks. dont get an illusion from watching tong hua's mv. life is not so perfect. love is not so romanticised.

of cos we have this romanticised view of fairytales cos we want and wish something lyk that will happen to us rite. i noe it cos i experience it. i am always daydreaming. hahahs.

anyway i still think we, everyone should dare to dream. dare to pursue our own happiness. we have the rights and freedom to dream. we have a fairytale in us and we should believe in it. look at the positive side and stay optimistic. somehow the ending and effects might not be as wonderful and desired. still since its meant to be like this, its all destiny and fate. we should accept it. and maybe erm learn from it.

every day is a learning day. and every experience should be a fruitful experience yeahhs?

i reallie think i should end here and not bore you wid more of my nonsensical nonsense lols.

wait. erm hahas. let mii finish wad i wanna say.

so ya.

follow your heart. find true love. create your fairytale. live happily very after.

that includes letting go when you noe you have to.

clinging onto a relationship when you noe it has no happy ending is useless.

if he/she is not worth it now, he/she will not be worth it in the future. no point wasting your time pondering someone who is not worth it rite.

your special someone just havent appear yet. live your life to the fullest.

everything is fated and meant to be.

i believe in fate. why not you too ?

finally. end of crap. okae fine. i called it crap. but i think its kinda meaningful and enlightening rite. hahahas. think abt it >.<

hahas. yepps. takkaire ppl. and do check out the tong hua mv ((: and i am looking forward to the germany humanities trip wheeeee.


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