Tuesday, April 26

grrr my dream

realise that i havent blog for days. its becos i am extremely busy nowadays wid school work. drowning in a sea of projects and tests. wahahas. someone save mii.

this morning woke up earlier than usual cos today got sc contact time and i remembered ((: three cheers for miii. wheee. reached school at 7pm then went for contact time. there was an announcement that contact time made compulsory from today onwards. i can only pray hard that i wont have short term memory. hehehes. forgetfulness is totally boohoo cann.

first period was cme. dint do much as wu laoshi's laptop got problem. so chatted then pia bio and physics. after cme was geog. erhs. ms pear let us watch flash videos. cool ((: then she wrote down notes on the board in short form for us to copy. then we couldnt understand her 'tidy' handwriting. then ended up playing guessing game lols =.=

dun have bio practical today. ms loh went thru ws and notes on antibiotics and antiseptic. okae.

then recess went to canteen to makan. chicken burger dun rawk. the fish burger rawks. i could hardly swall0w the chicken patty lorhs. bleah.

then juehui photocopied the chem notes. we went to look for mrs george to settle the deepppp trouble i was in. couldnt find her. so yepps went back to cls.

dun ask mii wad deeppp trouble i was in. its already settled and over. and if you are really interested to noe, well it has sth to do wid the germany trip. yepps. dun ask anymore. shhh

today kanna niaoed lotsa times. cos of my erhem of erhem laa. all shumin's fault. grrrr. but she apologized. so yepps she is forgiven. she gave mii a gift too. hahas. wad a nice twin i have.

helmi came in for maths after recess then went thru assignment and worksheet. and told us the expectations he had for our maths file.

bsp was plain boring. i hate to say that. but its a fact. everyone was barely alive and i was already dead. hehehes. trying veh veh hard to open my eyes and ears to listen to the lecture but... u noe its hard to.

i only came back to life when the lesson was about to end. which is the part when mr fong started to talk about the book titled the rape of nanking by iris chiang. whoa that book looks interesting. but it has really disgusting pictures inside.

mr fong oso mentioned that the jap last time used to rape pregnant women and then cut open their stomach and took their foetus out, threw it up towards the sky and stabbed them wid the end of their gun. omg. thats totally cruelty. i was visualizing the scene in my mind then i was half closing my eyes. omygawd. simply cruelty.

when we were finally released from the clutches of bsp, we pia to tidy chem file and do physics assignment. then i got ready to face mrs george. yunyin is nice. she accompanied mii to find her. and the details of wad happened i shall not elaborate. as i have said. its all settled. and i am and still going to germany =)

yesterday helen chiang was the speaker for our assembly. introduced to us this book titled teens and laws. i wanna buy. its really interesting. tells u more about singapore laws and the flip side or sth. yeppps

guess i hafta go and do maths file cover page now. tonight still have to rush physics project.

yea talkin about physics project, well its a total disappointment.

we did all the subtopics for our topic and we only realised we jus have to choose and focus on one yesterday. all the hard work went down the big and smelly drain. and we were really disappointed. juehui was supposed to come to my hse to do the project but she hafta go for the pre camp leadership workshop so ohwells.

hmmm maybe going out this thursday. i hope i will be going out. cos i am really veh stressed. i need a break. but i will say no thanks to kit kat ;)

yeps. SE having their syf tmr.

to shumin, taxy, yunshan, wynne and all those from SE: jia you!! you can do it. do our school proud ((:

tmr's my dad's bday as well. hmm i havent gotten anything for him. but i bet my brother havent either. hahahas. evil miii har. i am planning to get sth on body building for him. since he is so enthu abt going to the gym =) am i thoughtful wahahas.


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