Wednesday, April 20

maths test

grrr. maths is getting on my nerves and making mii feel sleepy. i am supposed to be piaing maths now. cos theres a maths test tmr. yepps boohoo. i am only at composite functions now. i can finally understand functions but i am still doubtful if i am able to tackle those maths questions tmr. today. erhs. not a bad day. neither was i in a good mood. was rather pissed off. shall tell you more later kkaes. i think i reallie have to gambatte wid my maths. today's chi test is terrible. there is a section with this whole big chunk of english words and we were supposed to translate it into fluent chinese. alright. i guess thats hanyushuiping examinations standard. and i think i am not up to standard. hahas.

kkaes guess i am out of here. no one from 3j is online. so i guess everyone's piaing. and here i am slacking. oh wow.

wish mii luck. cos i need them ((:


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