Thursday, April 27

aquamarine. presents. shopping. blogskins

ah I am finally back blogging. The reasons being me feeling like blogging and secondly because Jingles has been complaining to me about how stagnant my blog is. Boo. Ok today's a great day excluding all the tests, silence, stomachache, messy hair blah blah blah.

Watched Aquamarine movie with PY at Cineleisure. Both of us were rather surprised that there were actually three boys sitting directly in front of us in the cinema. Yes its surprising to find boys watching this type of girly movie...

Anyway today's my dad's birthday and I bought him a present worth 30 bucks. Whoa its so far the most expensive gift I have ever bought. But it's worth it cos MY DAD'S THE BEST =D

then erm shopped around but didnt take neoprints... yep hmmm I was also on a lookout for twin's bday prezzie.

hey ppl!! Shu Min's birthday is on 2 May. 2 May. 2 May!!!! The day after Labour day. The second day in the month of May. LOL you know what to do. At least...

I know (:
JH knows (:
YY knows (:
YL knows (:

ok ok that was jus plain lame. Anyway I gtg get a new blogskin cos I forgot to upload the picture of my present blogskin and its gone now... bummer.

things to do:
1) change and personalise blogskin
2) maths assignment on differentiation (halfway completed)
3) send emails
4) more bloggings to do!!
5) off to the dreamland i go =)


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