Saturday, April 29

Going out for Dad's Bday dinner =D

Yo yo! I should be getting ready to go out. My hair's not combed... my bag's not packed. But nvm. Didnt run 2.4km yesterday. What a disappointment. I was determined to finsh the run once and for all laa. Booo.

Went for a facilitator meeting for BSP camp at Singapore Sports School and yes the school is in WOODLANDS! Ah. The journey there took about 1 hour or so.

Yea I dont think I have time to blog in details about it now. But anyway I am going out for my dad's belated bday dinner. Jus now he was boasting about how great he did in his running in NS. ah. How come I didnt inherit his stamina?!

He started talking abt it cos he saw me reading this library book on running... LOL I was bored that time at the library so I jus borrowed it laa. Thought it could give me some assurance while running my 2.4km.

Alright I gtg. More posts tmr. Cya.



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