Wednesday, April 12

geog test over. sports meet next.

it is currently 11.11pm but I dont feel worried about staying up late... why? cos I get to sleep late tomorrow (not too late)... thanks to the combined sports meet (:

I have to report in school at 1030am though. I am one of the student councillors involved in cheerleading and I have no idea how I am going to do cheering when I havent totally recover my voice since yr1 orientation this year. My voice has since sounded rather different and breaks rather easily but ohwells.

I've to make shakers for cheerleading and there is coincidentally no green beans at home so I have to wait till tomorrow morning to make the shakers laa.

The combined sports meet will be held at Jurong stadium and the four schools participating in it are all in the East. Such an irony har? But other than the Kallang Stadium I think Jurong stadium is the only stadium that can accommodates all the students from the four schools laa so ohwells.

Hm I dont know if I should be looking forward to the sports meet tomorrow as we will be under the sun for around 5 hours which is not good news, judging from how easily I get sunburned. Boohoo. But I am all prepared for the 'crisis'. My sunscreen lotion is ready to be put into my bag =D

I am currently blog-hunting and friendster-acc-hunting now... Maybe I will go do some quizes and post them here. Anyway more about the sports meet tomorrow. cya.


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