Thursday, April 13

da vinci code

whee. I managed to finish reading the Da Vinci Code novel today. and whoa I must say. I am impressed by the many twists and turns in the story. I was picturing all the actions in my mind, practically to the extent of watching a movie. I love the novel. I cant believe that I actually procrastinate to read it, thinking that it's a awfully boring novel =S it proved me wrong. I bought the novel last year before I went on the Germany trip and actuall brought it along on the trip but I only read a few chapters of it. After returning to Singapore, the book was left on the book shelf and finally when I knew that the movie is airing soon I decided to understand the story plot before catching the movie.

Afte reading the novel I am dying to watch the movie. And after viewing the trailer I am even more thrilled to watch the movie laa!!! (: I am just worried about the rating. Apparently it is going to be released on 19 May and if you happen to remember my date of birth, you will know why I am worried. LOL. Worst to the worst let it be NC16 and not M18!! Please....

I am really looking forward to the movie and I think this is the first time I am so thrilled about an upcoming movie =D

combined sports meet was ok... hehehe not too bad laa. There's band concert tmr. Shu Min and I are going for the night one... Having dinner together... oops. means i cant catch the 7pm Channel 8 show... which happens to be the finale episode tmr. argh. nvm I will just have to trouble my brother again to record the show for me.

alright. thats abt it. Shall read up more abt the Da Vinci Code movie and I want to go to Paris again!!! ^^


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