Sunday, April 30

Dad's Bday Dinner

Went to this particular restaurant for the bday dinner. I am not mentioning the name. It's not going to be nice, judging from the contents I am going to talk about.

Alright I didnt enjoy the dinner. Neither did my parents, brother and grandmother. All because of this particular waitress or should I say, manager, who totally dampened our celebration mood. My family has been going to the restaurant ever since I was a toddler and everytime my dad has foreign clients, he would bring them there for dinner. He even has a membership.

But last night, the service was such a disappointment. It was downright lousy. To think there were tourists patronizing the restaurant. Oh man what a disgrace.

'Customers are always right.' Does this phrase still apply to the service industry these days? Dont misunderstand, I am not saying all services in Singapore are LOUSY. There are some really good services which really start the customers day off right. But that restaurant yesterday was... DISAPPOINTING.

No smiles. No manners. No apology after taking the wrong order. Raising off voice even when the customer hadnt raise his voice. Wow what an attitude. What a good example for the rest of the waitors hor? Wow I am fascinated cann?

All the side dishes like fish and vegetables came before the supple food dish. How to swallow that down when we are already so full?


Another thing, the cloze passage jls gave us regarding the number of elderly serving and working made me observe ab0ut the situation in the restaurant last night. True enough. And their attitude is definitely better. But really they should be at home enjoying life instead of toiling their lives away. Sigh. Think about it.

There's CS concert later. Gonna start doing my work since I've wasted the whole of yesterday slacking. Kaes gtg have lunch. Cya.


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