Thursday, April 27

Tadaa. Presenting my new blogskin

Alright. Finally done. Yay. I feel a sense of accomplishment overwhelming me. whoa.

YY commented that the new blogskin is nice. thnks (: Spent 1 hour or so doing it. The quizes I took last time kinda ruined the skin but oh well nvm. I should be contented with my achievement =)

Ok it's about midnight. Yes my blogskin is done. Cross out. My email's sent. Cross out. Uh but my Maths assignment's not complete. Guess I am off. Tata.

Some things to say before my departure:

1)My brother and I got a GNC gift card as a birthday present for my dad. Thinks he likes it. Whee.

2) Aquamarine's really nice but well just remember not to eat a saucey burger inside a dark cinema.

3) Yun Yin's birthday is on 4 May. 4 May. 4 May. 2 days after shumin's birthday and 3 days after labour day. You know what to do hor.

4) Gift preparation - Shumin's bday, YY's bday, Mother's Day.


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