Sunday, April 2

geog assignment

currently doing geog assignment now and I dont have a good feeling about it. There is a high probability that I will get a big fat zero for this assignment and it's no surprise. The reasons being, firstly I feel like I havent attended any geography lessons since the start of the year. Secondly my foundation for physical geography was not good. Last but not the least, I prefer human geography to physical geography.

One very very bad thing is that there will be a geography test 2 weeks from now. And neither do i have a good feeling abt it. I dont even know if I would be motivated to study for the test or not. But no matter what, i will study. cos I may not be the best. But at least I try my best.

If I am able to complete the geog assignment by tonight, hopefully before campus superstar airs, then i shall treat myself to a movie tomorrow. WHEE. i am dying to go to bugis and get birthday presents for my friends.

I also need a couple of binder notebooks and some new black and blue pens. Yep alright i shall get back to completing my geog assignment. cya.


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