Friday, August 25

Club 183

wahaha i am addicted to blogging. This shall be the compensation for not blogging for the past few weeks.

whoa I just saw this MV by Club 183 on MTV Mandarin channel. LOL these five 1.8m tall guys are hot. Super charismatic when they sing la. Aw. WAHAHA. Though the song they were singing seems kinda senseless. haha.

The first line of the chorus goes 'Oh sweet heart your heart my heart' and ends with 'Oh Baby I am so hot'. Wahaha. Then they started stripping, as in tearing off their shirts in the mv. Har. expressing their masculinity arh.

Duan Chen Feng aka Yan Xing Shu looks really charming when he sings too =D

Ohya I forgot what is the name of their boyband so I went to search on the net. Then I discovered that Wikipedia actually provides information about it too. Whoa this online encyclopedia is POWER cann. Not just science but practically all rounded. COOL!

Teeheehee off to my browsing of poems. Inspired to write some of my own already (:

Go listen to FIR's Tian tian ye ye. Sang by Faye and Ah Xin I think? Not sure. I only like their songs. Yep yep. I love mandopop too, very much indeed.

unknowingly on the way to self-discovery


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