Monday, August 28

I had a BAD day

I had a BAD day. Ok not exactly. But definitely a bad start for the day.

I lay down on my bed at 11pm last night but I think I only dozed off at 12am plus. I woke up at 1am to check the timing and at around 3am again to check that I didnt oversleep. Cos I did not finish my revision for chemistry and geography. The two subjects which no matter how hard i study, I still wont do very well. The irony part is that chemistry's my fav. subject.

Anyway when i woke up at 3am, i started waking up every ten minutes or so to check the timing on my alarm clock. I am SUPPOSED to wake up at 4am but well I was too tensed and worried so i woke up at 340am. Cannot sleep ma, might as well wake up and study.

I went to the toilet to wash my face and discovered two big lizards. One was fatter than the other, with a bruised red tail. I have no idea what happened to that poor tail but anyway, yea I saw these lizards. I am kinda phobic towards these creepy crawlies and so I kinda froze but they started moving and I continued freezing. After a while they froze too. Then i realised I had chem and geog to chiong so I turned on the tap with all the courage that I could pluck up and splash my face with water, dried with a towel and chiong out of the toilet, living the two lizards in their honeymoon world.

Next, I went to the kitchen to boil water so that I can have a cup of coffee to refresh myself. A third lizard appeared from behind the kettle. A fourth one crawled out of the dustbin beside the sink. I again, tried to be brave and boiled the water then placed the mug and spoon and packet of coffee powder on the table before going to my room.

10 minutes or so later I walked into the kitchen again and this time a lizard crawled out from beneath the table cloth. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Fifth lizard for that early morning. I washed the mug and spoon again before preparing the cup of coffee.


Anyway I went back to study then my left wrist started hurting badly. Cos I twisted it accidentally a few days ago la but i didnt bother abt it then. This morning it hurt badly. Then I searched my whole room for the wrist guard but I cant find it. I actually wasted some precious time to study chem and geog to find the wrist guard but to no avail. But realisation struck me.

That it's time for me to tidy my room =D

Thats not all. Chemistry paper... it wasnt too bad and the paper's not as tough as last year's but well easy questions do not guarantee that you sure know how to do lor. But still it was a piece of cake....


Just the map reading alone drove me crazy. And I am dumb enough to attempt the question with one part which I didnt touch on during my revision.

Well I am still suffering from after-symptoms of the geog paper. I feel so restless. All my energy and brain juices have been drained out.

One more day. Less than 24 hours. To freedom.

things to do tomorrow (immediately after the last paper):
1. Go shopping and get myself something I like
2. Take neoprints~
3, Watch movie (maybe Akeelah and the Bee? )
4. blog!!
5. think of what to get for teachers' day
6. find out the progress of pillar of hope!
7. work on portfolio
8. listen to fm radio all night...
9. write poetry!
10. Reply letters to my nanjing buddy and prisch friend.

May the next 20 or so hours zoom past in the blink of an eye.


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