Thursday, August 10

At my dad's office

Yo. Currently blogging on the computer in my dad's office. It's on dial- up connection so the internet is fairly slow but its ok. At least I can surf the net.

And I made a big discovery. This computer can read chinese! Whereas the desktop at home cant. How sad.

Took my laptop and modem to an office at Playfair Rd or something to check up the network. Was told that there's nothing wrong with the wireless internet configuration cos the problem lies with my laptop.

I knew it! Stupid laptop. It's super lag laa. Argh. Sometimes I wish I have enough money to get a new one but no. it's too extravagant this way. Anyway the laptop was bought in June last year. So perhaps I shall just send it for servicing. But hey servicing needs money also k.

I have tuition later at 3pm. All the way to 6pm. Cos I combined the lessons in two days. then I can save the time and money for one trip down to the centre.

Was looking at the samsung homepage for mobile phones... then checked out the m1 homepage to see when I can upgrade my hp plan. I can upgrade the plan now but I need to pay an extra 100 bucks on top of the promotional price. Oh gosh. 100 bucks. I can buy many things with that so I shant spend the extra money and shall only get a new phone (preferably a samsung, pearl white one) when I get back from Nanjing.

Ah how I wish time can fly all the way to the nanjing trip and skip the nightmarish eoys. If only I have a universal remote control to fast forward it. Thinking about it again, I think better not. When you think you are in control of things, well there is someone controlling you as well. I like the way my life is currently and there's simply no need to fast forward it otherwise I will miss the precious moments of my life... like admiring the fireworks (;

Anyway do catch the movie 'Click' if you have the time or when you simply need a break. Cos it rocks. It makes you laugh your arse off then leave you thinking about it. Yea it may be a comedy but it's rather thought-provoking, at least for me. Watch it if you're xin fan (troubled) too. And the rating should be NC16 instead of PG. LOL. Watch it and you will know why. I shant be a spoiler =P

yep alright. tomorrow's the third day of Singapore Fireworks Festival. And Saturday's the fourth and the last. I dunno if I am going down tomorrow but I am definitely going down for the one on Saturday with YY. It's by the French team and it's musically choreographed so I suppose it's gonna rock! Get down to Marina Bay or Esplanade to capture the splendid sight of fireworks.

Life's not that dull in Singapore. There's plenty of activities to brighten up your life. And I think that all these moments shouldnt be missed just because of the upcoming eoys (: You can study hard and play hard too (but maybe the results may not be as good. hehe)

Hm back to my physics past-yr revision paper. tata for now.

like fireworks, you light up my life.


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