Thursday, August 17

Poetic Mood

I came across this poem done by a friend of mine. Think it's really nice and so decided to share with my blog-readers here.

For couples who had an argument, big or small, during the course of love.

One Miss?

Who was I actually waiting for?
I had you not on my call list.
I?ve never known that you exist.
Not even when I open my memory backdoor.

I guess you ought to know something,
My prince in shining amour is you.
You are my angel with wings,
Please believe me that I love you.

I?ve long given love a miss.
I?m simply allowing my heart to rot.
But who am I to deceive with this?
Perhaps only myself, perhaps not.

I wish you can give it one more shot,
Don?t remain in this state of decay.
I know I?ve hurt you a lot,
But now my love?s for real, not for play.

I can?t lie to myself anymore,
We can?t be like the us before.
Just see what?s left of us,
Our relationship has bitten the dust.

It?s a pity to see it all end now,
To you, it may be an all-time low.
To me, it means our love revival,
You know, I need you for survival.

Your hand used to be on mine,
Making our fingers intertwine.
But I know all?s an illusion,
Nothing more than a mere deception.

I will brush my fingers against your lips,
Letting you taste my fingertips.
I?m certain it will never happen again,
This whole journey has caused me endless pain.



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