Friday, August 25

MOVIES- deprived

Ah finally a post on my blog after such a longgggg time. It seems like zillion years have passed since i last blogged. I am gonna get a new blogskin after my eoys, which will officially end next tuesday. Yippee.

Well well, four more papers before I get the license to freedom. Four more papers then I can lead a more interesting life away from all the wordy textbooks... at least for a period of time. Four more papers to go and I am off to work on my passion.

Wahaha wondering why I am feeling high despite the tough physics paper today? HA. cos i got enlightened. By myself. Composed a self-enlightening poem and I am feeling good now. Not gonna post the poem here YET. another time perhaps.

Have been writing poems lately. HA. my passion for E. Literature is back woohoo! It's a pity that I fell in love with 'Hamlet' only the day before the Language Arts paper. aw.

Just checked out the cinemas' homepages and OMG i am so outdated la. There's so many nice movies to catch and I am stuck in a miserably small world revolving around textbooks, notes and whatever academic stuff you can think of. It's time i get a life... no no not now. I have two predictably tough papers to conquer on Monday.

I shall grant you the permission to scan through this whole long list of movies i am dying to watch and if you are also going to watch the movie, perhaps we can go together =D (only applicable to my friends and family)

1. Akeelah and the Bee
2. Lovewrecked
3. Monster House
4. My Super Ex- Girlfriend
5. Snakes on a Plane
6. Ant Bully
7. The Breakup
8. The Devil Wears Prada
9. Little Man
10. Singapore Dreaming
11. John Tucker Must Die
12. How to Eat Fried Worms
13. Zoom
14. Rob-B-Hood
15. You, Me and Dupree
16. The Secret Life of Words
17. The Fountain
18. World Trade Centre
19. Isolation
20. Pirates Of Carribean! (I just remembered that I havent watch!!)

That's a whole lot of twenty movies but other than the first eight, the rest are still not shown in cinemas yet laa. So after exams I shall concentrate on catching these eight movies =D

From the above my preference for the movie genre can be observed. Yep comedy, meaningful, love, animated (or childish =P)... And yes I dont watch horror movie. I have always wanted to catch at least one horror movie in a cinema but I realised that there's no point in spending money and get scared to death in a cinema. It's not worth it. And watching Ju-On in class last year already scared me out of my wits, what's more in a cinema? I might just faint or embarrass myself and my friends by screaming my lungs out. wahaha. better not risk it. and i think my friends should know better than to ask me out for a horror movie =)

Oh ya! You know the 'Constantine' movie? Wahaha it's the scariest movie I've ever watched in cinemas, other than Anacondas ;)

ha. It must seem weird that I am commenting about movies here instead of complaining about my exams right?

Wo kan kai le =D

It's no point grumbling and complaining cos the papers have already been handed in. Nothing can be undone le. hm think about it.

i am SO movies-deprived (:


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