Thursday, August 17

exams. horoscopes

exams are so near that they are only 4 freaking days away. ahh. and i come online to do my portfolio. where's justice? aw.

sam lee's singing live at yes933 but i am listening to the stn on the net so I cant record it. Ohman. Sam Lee rocks laa. Qing Ge Wang Zi! Ah. He rocks!

Your horoscope for Friday, August 18, 2006
Put your excess energy into something positive today and you can make a lot of progress. If you fail to find somewhere to place your attention, you could cave to the temptation to gossip and waste your precious time. Mercury and Jupiter make you want to talk--about anything and everything. Discretion and concentration will help you a lot.

sheesh seems like i will have some problems concentrating tomorrow. ah. k i better finish my portfolio and go offline cos I definitely cant concentrate online. cya.


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