Saturday, December 9

Grr I tried to activate the 'LiveUpdate' for my Norton Antivirus but it jus wont work. It kept saying that the laptop is not connected to the internet. what is the problem lor. I tried for dunno-how-many times already. I even restarted the laptop but it jus wont work crap. It's ok I will ask for help tomorrow.

Went to Sim Lim just now to download some important programmes into my laptop. Waited for quite a while there. And I have also gotten a wired optical mini mouse. It's super mini, even smaller than my palm.

Other than that I didnt really go out today. Stayed at home for a good rest after all the workouts during camp for the past few days, both physically and emotionally. There's no need to elaborate about the emotions part but it was definitely wonderful to have someone lend a listening ear and give you encouragements when you really need them. Thanks twin, I really appreciate it.

Yea it's already december and my schedule is so packed. There's supposed to be a p6 class gathering today but apparently the organizer didn't finalise the details with us. And I choose to think that this matter has jus happened to slip off the organizer's mind and not otherwise. So yea together with 3 of my ex-pri-sch-classmate we plan another gathering which will be after a christmas... Hopefully it will be a success this time. It would be great seeing everyone back together again. And of cos if given a chance i would love to meet him again. But i think it would be better for both you and me if I dont entertain such thoughts, in case I start to go all emo again and forget that the world is still revolving every time i get emo. Ah thats crap but whatever.

Have been kinda accident prone lately. On the last day of YVIP06, I hurt my right index finger while going out of a toilet cubicle and it resulted in a mini blood clot. It's gone now. Then last night I was trying to squeeze the remaining facial cleanser out of the tube to wash my face, then I just cut both of my thumbs with the size of the tube. dammit. how 'lucky' har. The cut on the right thumb is deeper and larger. ugly cut. aw sad.

I have hip hop class tmr again. Second lesson. Better not be late this time. I may be picking up taichi with my grandma soon lol. I dunno why I am going to pick it up but I just noe that the fee is really cheap so no harm. Yoga lessons are still on-going. May be catching a movie tomorrow. Whee the last movie I watched was happy feet. It's not very long ago but it seems kinda distant to me.

Agency attachment on Monday. I dont know wha I should do. But I am just gonna keep myself really busy this weekend and not worry unnecessarily. A true heroin thrives in times of adversity and just like what shumin had said 'obstacles are there for us to overcome and then look back and say 'yay i did it' '. Yep. I must learn to believe in myself. Cos your true enemy is afterall yourself. I shall overcome all my fears and worries and become a better person. Most importantly I should give myself and everyone else a chance.

Life is full of choices. Make the right choice and you feel happy. Make a bad choice, regret, cry, feel sad but look back and learn from your mistakes.

i will try to believe in myself. and i hope you people out there will give me a chance and learn to believe in me too.

let the spirit of volunteering continue to live on, no matter what happens.


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