Sunday, December 10

Crap I washed my hair at 1030pm. It's 12.58am and my hair is still damp. Grr! It's too thick le lah. I am going to cut it SOON. It's so messy, makes me look old bleh. To think I still want to leave it to grow longer. Nah shall not do so. I dont even dare to go out with my hair let down these days but at camp no choice. That's why I tie it up the moment it is dry.

How how how. How am I going to sleep with this damp hair. I am lazy to use the hairdryer. It's bad to sleep with damp hair. The moisture can give you headache the next day. It's 1.01 am and I am still not asleep. And I have to wake up at 9am tomorrow.

Whee a date with shumin tomorrow, after my yoga lesson. Going to support Leong Hwee at the flea market then rush home in time to catch the Star Awards. Excited. I hope Elvin Ng gets the newcomer award (: my shuai ge ^^

I was happily chatting with at least 4 of my friends just now... and now they either went away or offline. All gone at once... What a coincidence.

Anyway check this out :

Gemini(May 21 - June 20)
Gemini is an intellectual air sign and curious about everything. You can't go wrong with books. Keep in mind that they'll prefer nonfiction over novels and fantasy. Movies that get your Gemini thinking also will be big hits. If your Gemini is a writer, as many are, a journal or fancy writing pen would be a great stocking stuffer. Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, and hands, so of course gloves and mittens are good choices, too.


Yea true true true. You can't go wrong giving me books (: Nonfiction ones like autobiography or inspirational ones or astrology ones... hehehe. I dont mind novels and fantasy ones, especially romance. Movies yea I gladly welcome that. Journals... ok lah. As for gloves and mittens, erh no need lah. Singapore's not that cold you know. hee.

Alright I shall get off this laptop, now that no one is online to chat with me and there's nothing else I can do online... Shall go and deal with my hair and dry it asap so that I can get my beauty sleep soon.


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