Saturday, December 9


Alright I have a great day out... This afternoon I suddenly went to dig out this inspirational book titled 'A Life Less Ordinary' from my book shelf. I bought it either this year or last year... Read a few pages of it but never did finish reading it. Yea it's yet another of my bad habits. I like to go to bookshops. I like to browse through the books in the bookshop. And if I happen to have enough cash in my wallet I will buy the books. Then I will bring it home. Read a few pages and maybe leave it aside for days or even years. Yea. I have quite alot of books at home. I shall try to finish reading them...

Anyway yea I've already read 66 pages of the book. I realised that I may need some inspirations and motivation in my life these days especially since things just seem to go wrong wherever and whenever I am. And I was greatly inspired by the stories I read. Found some inspirational quotes which I like very much. And I hope to finish reading this book by tomorrow perhaps?

And I have thought about it. This christmas, I don't want soft toys. I don't want accessories, I have too many already. I don't want cute yet un-usable stuff. I want books especially inspirational ones... like Chicken Soup for The Volunteering Soul, books by Torey Hayden, any reading materials that will spur me on for the new year. Yea.

Alright my day out... I left my house late today by a few minutes so I reached Pasir Ris MRT late by 5 minutes. Luckily Qian Bing was nice enough to wait for me (: Then the bus came just in time for us to board and we were off to our second hip hop lesson. Last week a few of the girls from the class danced bare-footed. Li Wen was one of them. So I wore this new pair of slippers which I just bought, all prepared to dance bare-footed. Didnt want to wear sports shoes laa, cos I had a movie date after the lesson. So yea upon reaching the dance studio, I realised that everyone was in proper and covered footwear except for me! So I was the only extra person dancing bare-footed la, told you my luck hasn't been good lately tsk. My soles hurt cos there were quite alot of sliding of the feet. I've learnt my lesson, I will wear proper footwear next time. My soles look really ugly now grr and I have yoga tomorrow when I have to be bare-footed.

The teacher finished teaching all the dance steps and even let us practised with a different song which is faster, according to Qian Bing. I didnt realise it >< Yep Li Wen didnt go for the lesson today, she's in genting. Hip hop's really fun but there's no lesson next week. How sad. It's ok, at least I get a free saturday.

OMG one of Goong's soundtracks is playing on fm 933 radio station -- Perhaps Love.

Digressed. One hour passed really fast and we reached Pasir Ris interchange. Bought red tea with pearls. I like the pearls only la. Didnt want any flavouring added to the red tea cos the last time I bought Green Apple Red Tea and the colouring was disgusting and I think they left it there for so long that the colouring actually solidified. Yucks.

There was this carnival by Riverlife Community Services at the field and I went to take a look. There were face-painting and sales of assessment books etc. Then before I knew it, the members started cheering then I realised that the carnival was over and so I exited quickly. Malu-ness.

Went to shop at White Sands. Intended to window-shop but I still spent some money there la. Cos I got beads bracelets for my maternal grandmother and mother. The pearls/ beads are supposed to symbolise for good health and stuff like that. They are not cheap but I am pretty generous with gifts, especially gifts for my loved ones. so yep (:

Took the train to city hall to meet my friend then had dinner before watching Open Season. It's a good movie, thought-provoking and significant in some ways. Like how much friendship matters and how important teamwork is. Yea educational. Encouraged my brother to watch with his p6 classmates. Was invited to join them but I most probably can't make it due to my agency commitment. Not to worry la, there's tons of movies coming out. Really hope to catch them all!

Just checked my email and saw that there's two emails from Bao Jia and Jobina regarding DHS Extreme. Proposals and schedules. Oh no. Shall read through them tomorrow. hehe. And I havent work on the schedule for CSC. OH NO. Procrastination is such a killer. So please, dear readers, never procrastinate, otherwise you will never get anything done.

Alright this's a long post. Thanks for persevering and reading till here. I shall end this post with an inspirational quote for from 'A Life Less Ordinary'. Anyway it's a really good book. It's a compilation of many short stories. Shall tell you more about the stories another time. Go borrow it from the library or me after I've finally reading it (:

'Everything in life is transient. Only charity is real and enduring. When you give, you receive. Charity is the best antidote for bad karma.' - Venerable Ho

(And coincidentally, she is the founder of Man Fut Tong Old Folks Home. Yuhan and Nicole will be going there for their agency attachement as it is one of the VWOs in partnership with YVIP06 =D )


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