Sunday, December 3

HaPpY ^^

I just got my weekly allowance, bought a pair of new pretty slippers and the Dec issue of Teens... yay as happy as a king.

The 2 days of SPH Wildlife Conservation Ambassador workshop was fun... Learnt new things, made new friends. Yea that's what camp is about. I've another service learning camp tomorrow. 4D3N at Greenridge Secondary School, organized by the student volunteer corps. I went for the pre-camp briefing yesterday but had to leave early for hip hop class. We were like 15- 20 minutes late but we managed to learn all the moves. lol felt abit awkward and er rigid at first. I havent dance for like YEARS ok ><

Anyway it's at a CC so you cant expect me to turn into some professional dancer. And my main purpose of joining it is simply for leisure and maybe to make my holidays more fulfilling and busy. Abit too busy actually.

I went to the Ikea at Tampines with my dad and brother yesterday. The place is big and very CROWDED. It's like almost the whole of Singapore's population living in the East were there la. And we even had to queue in order to enter, as if it's some kind of concert. No doubt the place is nice and definitely fill you with ideas. Going there makes me feel even more like having a study room.

I may be organizing a Christmas party for my brother and his gang of P6 classmates but all's not confirmed yet. I am not working so where do I get the money. From my parents? they might kill me can. haha talking about that, I need to get a birthday present for my mom whose birthday is like only 3 days away.

And I need to borrow a christmas tree... what's a christmas party without a christmas tree yea? Alright. That's about it for now. Shall go and read my Teens magazine. Cya l8r!!

i am happy (:


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