Monday, November 8


hi pple... i didnt blog for one week... okie i shall recollect wad i did the whole wk when i didnt blog kks...

1 nov 04 monday
yay!! two di oh four chalet worrr... i took mrt to pasir ris.. met jeannie at the mrt station. then met yanling on the mrt haha... then yan ling and i went to shop at white sands first... shi xuan was late humphh haha then shi xuan finally came then we go eat lunch. after that go tm and back to pasir ris. the rest came. then we took bus to the holiday bungalow... then errrr i cant really remember wad we did...budd i noe we watched the scary movie 3... its a lame and pornn show kks... very funny too. on the whole the day was extremely fun i didnt stay overnight. mother din allow

2 nov 04 tuesday
i woke up late lo. was supposed to meet shi xuan at dunno wad time then quickly sms her to change the time. wahaaha i am a piggy lo. i sleep wahah then finally went to pasir ris mrt to fetch shi xuan. joey was there so my dad oso long bang him. go chalet then oso watch movie, play black jack... eat eat eat. the custard buns that my dad bought rawks man i love it... the only prob is that it is fattening wahahah then we slack all that lo... fun day too. oh then at night we watched the champion then after that i hafta go home le... cos the next time i have sc camp... sadd man. was going to cry when leaving the chalet lo. somemore my dad fetched me so early de... okie okie i should not complain

3 nov 04 wednesday..
student council camp... quite fun and enjoyable la. i was in grp 1. grp leader was sophia... from guides so is shi xuan they all senior. she veh nice... then my grp members:
wynne... [so fated one.... that time psl camp i oso same grp as her worr hmmm]
errr kenneth.. [sec one de. quite reserved la but is nice]
wei yan [i reallie have no idea that she is weiting's sister... i just thot they look alot alyk lol blur me]

yepp thats all bahh

then got mr kiw's talk on role model quite interesting... i copied down notes worr lol and mr kiw actually called meng shuen xiao dong xi wahahahha

4 nov 04 thursday
second day of student council camp...
errr oso veh fun la. at night we have buffet wheee then N night then veh fun lo yupp... and mrs george sang !! =)

5 nov 04 friday
today is more of debriefing and activities veh fun too

6 nov 04 saturday
err went to school for sc committee meeting... went to the conference room for the meeting... ms loh and mrs chin treated us to time-out chocolate so nice rite.. budden i merely ate 2... heyya i am fat enough kks wahahha after that uncle and mummy fetched me then we went to grandpa's house

7 nov 04 sunday
which is yesterday la. went to science centre....with mummy, brother and his friends then i went to the omni theatre. watched 2 shows... one is the roar. lion of kalahari... that one was more of a love story kks... go watch it wahahah then the other one is on the forces of nature... erm honestly its quite boring. imagining me watching both shows continuously. i nearly died of boredom wahahah i oso went on the morphis movie ride... my brother was screaming real loud at the beginning. i was so fed up then i pulled his hair hahah i only had one hand to do so. my other hand was holding on the bar... the simulator or wadever was shaking real hard kks. haha

after that went to the eco garden.. i was screaming away. there were lots of insects and my brother and his friends were lyk scaring me lo... dumbos. urghh i saw 2 lizards... lots of dragonflies and one big fat catepillars... urghhhh

after that went home and checked pc for the posting... i was posted to three jay oh five ahhhh... nobody from 2D same class as me lehhh... nicholas same class as me though... nvm my class's pple quite nice i think

8 nov 04 monday...
finally back to the present. went to sch just now for cip sphere discussion with jia min and miss tan. quite successful la. ms tan kept saying that we are experienced hahaha... then cheryl sms me that she was in the sch audi. wanted to meet her for lunch but i went home first. so oh well.

came home slacking. my brother's classmates came and play games with him lo.... yepp i still got a proposal ahhhhh have to hand in by 5pm.. wish me luck man. kks


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