Friday, November 12


i am boredd. just went to my auntie's house.. she preparing for her son's wedding. wheeee its so exciting u noe! shant go into details... so yuppp life still goes on bahh. i am still the fat, plump and greedy bel. believe me. i will nv slim down. and never get tanned. saddd rite... nvm. i noe. =P xD

then went causeway point.i finally bought a pair of nice nice slippers to match my skirts... yay man... i bought at bata. not badd la.

i cant decided which phone i wanna. went to the hello shop just now... i wan e600c budden sighh... then panasonice x70 veh gd... somemore got jay lol. budden i dun reallie lyk the cover. nokia 6230errrr dun have the flip cover larhh sadd man. sony ericsson got one veh nice... cam veh gd and it costs 900+ siao arh? i not that rich. somemore its not flip de.

you noe horr there is this song which i heard in my dad's car last week when i went for my ex-neighbour's daughter wedding. its a song when pple wedding always got play de... budden i dunno the title... the chorus is sth lyk this bahh:

wherever you go, whatever you do, i will be right here waiting for u.....

its nice.. believe me. and its romantic and sweeet lol. tell me the title if you noe.

i am sorta in the 'wedding' mood le... haha nah of cos i am not getting married. not of legal age... budd neither am i attached. who wants a fatty huhh xP

gonna concentrate on my studies in the years to come. everything comes after studies, family and friends... lalalala~

right now... i am concentrating on wad hp to get...

and i want to cook!!! oh man when can i use the kitchen ahhhhh

try my enche kabin if you have a chance... it rawks kks... as long as you gimme sufficient time to fry it.

coursework practical that time the marinate i did was gr8 lo... then i didnt have enough time to heat the oil. i put the chicken pieces into the oil when it wasnt hot enough... then the chicken pieces sorta absorbed the oil and turned slogggyyyy. i learnt a lesson. haha

i wanna cook spagetti and maybe try to bake a cake successfully bahh hehex.

wish me luck xD


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