Thursday, November 18


heyya...right now using my dad's laptop to type this entry. my computer went bonkers... bet its another of the virus invasion! lol wadever.

btw yesterday got 2D gathering.... half of the class were present though haha. its so fun lo. let me relate wad happened okie?

wednesday 17 nov 2004
i went to sch at 1230 for my sc meeting... wore class tee and skirt cos i lazy to bring clothes to change afterwards mahh. then the meeting with mrs chin, shi hui, bao jia and hu ping... ya then meeting lo. yupp then half an hour later at abt 1310 lyk that, i left the sch. i boarded bus158 and alight at kallang mrt then take mrt to city hall. supposed to meet shi xuan there la. then eerrr shi xuan was late. haha she kept apologizing in her smses to me. budden she was late becos she helped jing ci. i understand de. so dun worry la. haha okie then we walked thru the raffles city shopping mall... then the whole stretch of shopping mall then crossed the bridge then went over to suntec city. then we just walked around lo. bought auntie anne's sour cream and onion. shi xuan oso bought. then she bought le then rmb she cant eat sour stuff haha blur girl. then we walked around. then went into kalms. wanted to buy the me to u bear keychain. budden decided not to. gonna buy another time.

then errr we went back to city hall mrt. speed walked all the way back cos we were late. took mrt to marina bay. saw the rest of the peeps at the err wads that call.. the place where you walk out from the mrt la. haha okie. ya grace yan ling dianne soo lin they all all there la. then oso got normen, weekiat, zhiheng and yujun etc. then erm we went out of the zha men thingy. then sat on the floor and chatted la. then the guys will kicking the ball and stuff then there is this officer who scolded them thru the pa system or wadever haha.okie then we kinda lyk scold the officer la. were pissed off waddd i mean he nearly dampened our happie mood u noe. okie then aaron came and we walked to the bus stop.

at the bus stop we wait for lyk dunno wad seems lyk eternity lo. then grace they all playing cai quan. quite fun la... budden i nv play haha. then bus come le. i sat with grace on the bus then continued chatting lo

then reach marina bay then alight.then went arcade. then i was wearing sch skirt mahh then faster went toilet with grace and took off my skirt.... i got wear shorts inside budden my shorts sux kks. its big and ugly and plain wadever.

then went to change coins. then i didnt noe the arcade is use singapore 50 cents coin wan wad... then the auntie at the counter was lyk so bey song lo.i am very very pissed off. grace was pissed off too.. i totally was not in the mood for arcade games after seeing that auntie's face.then watched yanling danced para para then soo lin played the drums so coo lo, then i played daytona la... yupp then when no more fifty cents coin i never go and change le. cos i dun wanna kanna pissed off again.

then we went kite flying. me and soo lin shared a kite. the guys continued to play in the arcade.

kite flying was so fun lo. and soo lin and i were such pros kite flyers haha...we fly the kite then for a period of time.. the kite was free in the air kks...then there were some tangeling stuff haha. took lots of photos and videos wid my camera. yupp then zhiheng and normen were so lame lo. they actually attempted to climb to the clouds using my kite's string... urghhh haha

then err soo lin and i had a hard time winding the string too cos we let go too much then got tangled with other pple's kites la. then errr oh ya...toooopid zhi heng and normen lo. i let them hold my kite then my kite got tangled with another person's kite then dunno wad happened then the string snapped. my kite flew to the tree nearby and took a nap there. while the other person kite got snapped and flew to the grass. lol i was so sad lo..

and weilin used her kite to attack me lo!! hahahaha

then they oso played volleyball and soccer. then nigel they all came. and it rained... we ran to the buildings for shelter then went for steamboat dinner lo... yupp

dinner was okkkkayyyy laa... the light had some prob though. i sat at the chicken soup table... beside audrey. then i think i ate alot and drank alot. sure got gained weight. budden i think i didnt reallie enjoy dinner though...errr yupp then i lost my piggy 'dunno leh' badge lehh urghhh

then went to the field to... not fly kite la. at night lehh... to play sparkles. then we were lyk throwing the sparkles lyk meteor lyk that lo shiok.. then we played chasing the ball game. guys vs girls. i dun think i got participated cos i didnt run around hahaha then nigel suggested some dumbb and childish game dunno wad titititititi then wad tootootooo one. wad a genius rite hahahahaha then my dad came then i long bang audrey and weilin home lo. yuppp grreat day... had lotsa fun.

okie back to the present.

thursday 18 nov 2004

woke up at 820.. supposed to go to sch to help with the tying of sec 4 grad scrolls. then i woke up with a sore eye. and i feel warm and cold and i kept sneezing. urghhh then i sms hui qi and told her to help me tell aik siong that i cant go to sch. then i decided to go to sch cos i need to find mrs wong and asked her abt the concert thingy... for the sec one orientation. i am in charge la. then went to sch. felt totally sick. i was late by abt 3 minutes budd aik siong was even later so nvm... haha then went into the conference room to help. thenerm got to noe cheryl and meixuan err i think. then after that went round the sch looking for jing hui and pauline cos mrs george and mrs ho wanted to see them. and i cant find mrs wong. mrs koh and jiang lao shi came to look for me though... art club stuff. i feel so busy. then ms tan... said that mrs wong left already. i was lyk oh no.. my proposal how...okie then took bus with hui qi and mabel. din feel well so din go out with them. reached home then watched tv ate lunch and surf net. yupp

tmr got sap scholarship briefing.... sighhh why lyk so busy lehhh... nvm wahahha this sat and sun is my uncle's wedding.... whoa so exciting. get to wear nice nice skirts and clothes.

talking abt that... the christmas prom night thingy... another 2D gathering la... i cant go how??? i got orchard rd tour lehhh cannot dun go la cos i am the organizer with jia min. how... i wanna go prom nite la... somemore is formal party lo so cool....izzit possible to change to another day? sighhh sadd man.

i think i am gonna chopp off my hair. maybe tmr. hmmm


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