Saturday, January 22


yay!! i am so happy now cann... how come lehhs.

cos i changed the midi for my blog. you recognize the song?? its a love song by air supply. its so romantic and sweet cannn.... my fav love song!! ahhhhhhh i love it i love it.

and i am so glad i found it yeah!!!!

how come i noe this song? cos i attended 3 weddings last year. and will be attending one more this year. so exciting =) whoa love... awwwww haha

yesterday i went causeway point to shop laa. then i went to popular, more than words and gift a name rite. all 3 shops are playing jay chou's songs. cool huh. jay rawks.

yupps i gtg do home work and watch tv le. byebye

if you dunno the song then come and ask me. its so nice. i love it byebye cya. take care


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