Friday, January 21


i dun feel lyk doing homework now lehhs. aiya must pia laa. i just bought teenage mag. hmmm astroscoop. gemini. ''sometimes its so much sweeter when someone falls in love with you for who you really you are, and not just for your party persona'' oh well.

i dun tink anyone will fall in love wid me.

heaven's playing a prank on me.i once loved basketball. just liked it very much. filled with passion for it. but now i dun like it that much cos i lost the passion for it. and how come nowadays time after time i am associated with basketball. why why why ?

tell me why!!!

i guess i am too agitated huh. lol

i am bored. seriously bored. i wanna go shopping but my homework is still not done. sadness. i wanna eat chocolate but i am sick. sadness

imperfection and beauty makes life.

life is imperfect.

enjoy the imperfection!


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