Thursday, January 13

sick busy enthu =)

didnt blog for a long time le. very busy. sec 1 orientation so fast passed le. now its back to lesson time. i miss cushka. they just rawk lorhs. cos they are kuai le yu. haha the symbol of cushka tribe is a fish bone mahh. lol

well today woke up at 640. then reached sch at 710 then did have time to visit 1c. so sadd lorhs. dad dropped me off at the bus stop outside dhs. then i walked in thru the sidegate with yvonne. then she was telling me abt this sc meeting on cny la. yupp. then went to my class. put my bag. then slack then went to carry out morning duty lorhs. aiya life is so boring i shant carry on.

ok well. erm i just realised hor. after i joined sc. i became very enthu and noisy. jue hui thinks so too. lol so is this good or bad arh? i hope its good la.

i got cough and flu now lehhs. later visiting doctor. dunno sick for how many weeks le. sighhh.

yuppp so life goes on. 3j05 is not as bad as i thot. yupp and cushka rawks ks =) take care ppl.


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