Friday, December 24

whoa busy busy busyy

whoa i didnt blog for so long. paisehh. very busy lorhs let me try to recall wad i did for the past few days okay?

20 dec monday
went out with cindy and cheryl. supposed to meet at eleven but i told them change to 1045 and you noe wad? i reached the mrt station at 11. wahahha. ok la sorry la.haha i lost track of time when i was wrapping the presents for them then i couldnt decide to wear skirt or jeans. but i wore skirt la. lol. then speed walked all the way to the mrt station. then exchanged presents and we took mrt to somerset.

then erm reached somerset then we went to cathay to watch movie. i wanted to watch christmas with the kranks lehh.. then the show was at 11 pm. wow wow. haha. then i suggested love so divine. korean movie. then dun wan. so we eventually decided on national treasure. its cheryl and cindy's decision actually la. then buy the tickets lorhs. we watching the digital one. wad is the difference anyway?

after that we walked around lorhs. we stood outside pastamania for lyk dunno how long then cindy was lyk banging the board outside haha. then we decided to go kfc. all of us ate the bandito speciak. cheap cheap. haha 3.95 only.

after eating we went shopping. nth much to shop la. so we went to take neoprints. we took one. then the time was lyk 1.15pm already lorhs. we rushed to the cinema then missed the front part. and we couldnt find our seats so just sat at the row. haha. then we watched lorhs. the first part is lyk the actors wore eskimo suit lyk that... then its kinda snowing. then they returned to the city. then i couldnt recognize them. haha i shant elaborate on the show la. its reallie nice and exciting. yyupp then the show oso got this guy who is lame and funny la. ya always say funny things. the show is basically looking for treasures lyk that lorhs. its called national treasure. wad do you expect yeah?

after that we went to take neos downstairs again. then went over to heeren. then i think we went searching for that neoprints shop. print club again. haha so we took 3 neos altogether. wahahah then erm we bought ice cream at the road side store. very nice lehh. one buck only. we saw a 2 bucks one. budd din buy. luckyyy then bought ice milo too. then we went home le. yupp. fun day. with my best friends. we rawk lorhs. haha ya. must find time to go out again. wheeee

21 dec tuesday
supposed to have 6 ch'02 class gathering de. yuxin cant go. sadd la. i think even if got go oso will flop one. isnt this lyk so sad.? this seem lyk 6ch'02 is dead whoa. i think next time got gathering i oso might hesitate to go lorhs. its lyk so wL. u noe. everyone busy with this with that. not that i very free. but gathering once in a while mah. go oso wont die. yeah 6ch'02 is dead.

i spent the day at home slacking... i think i went somewhere. but i cant remember haha

22 dec wednesday
orchard rd tour. finally. if this day dun come any sooner, i am gonna get killed by my mum's nagging. its totally fatal ok. yeah lyk the fangs of the cobra waahaha then 3 plus went to sch. my dad fetched me there with all my stuff la. then ya. this year orchard rd tour kinda sad la. dunno. briefing is totally flop. nobody listens de. yeah sad sad. i am not elaborating on the details la. except that i am the only i/c on the bus. no teacher. then the elderly bully me. they made me sing solo. and stupid jing hui video taped it. aye i tell u hor jing hui, you betta deleted the clips ok! ya then me and jia min wore santa hats too. haha i think i looked horrible. I just have to say I AM SOOOOO GLAD THAT THIS IS OVER.

23 dec thursday
sec 1 registration at their sec school. got abt 5 or 6 pple from gmps come dhs. then i was the usher at the spiral staircase level 2. directing the parents to the hall. ya then very busy. legs very tired and pain. but senior dun allow us to sit down. demanding har... lol ya ok... after that stayed back for sc orientation committee meeting. ya then this cannot that cannot. very pressurised la. stayed in sch until 4 plus then ate lunch at kampong arang there with hui qi. wow she has a big appetite. way bigger than mine. but she slimmer than me lorhs. i ate wanton mee and soya bean milk. okay after that rushed home and bathed then wrapped christmas present. then dad fetched me and shixuan to audrey's hse. then he went to gym. then its a formal party la. then grace and soo lin and audrey they all wear lyk prom nite lyk that. haha very formal. i think i look kinda weird with my black blouse and beige skirt budd nvm. then party lorhs. eat.. cat walked... talked... laughed. then exchanged christmas presents. its lyk lucky draw lyk that la. i think aaron got my present. which is a winnie the pooh cup. i got wee kiat's present. two lollipops. one is strawberry shaped one. the other is shaped lyk a fried egg then got a plastic fork sticked to it la. very cute. thanks wee kiat!

then my dad came at 10 to fetch me. then aaron ran out and passed me a card. he said not from him one. but i think its from him lorhs. nv write name oso. ap... lol. ya then my dad's gym friends gave him a box of chocolate too. ya then went home slack. then on computer and edit student council skit. you noe wad time i slept at? 130 am. cool har?

24 dec friday
then i woke up at 8 today cos got meeting at 9 then i oso havent photocopy script,. went to my hse nearby there to photocopy. then i was late for the meeting lorhs. ya then saw nigel in sch too. busy talking on his handphone haha.ya lyk that only bahh. then got skit rehearsal at 11. then jerrald was so the funny lorhs.acting gay and speaking with different voices haha. laughed until i kept coughing. after that went to kampong arang there to eat again with hui qi and shu min. i ate the fish sliced noodles or dunno wad and soya bean milk. yupp then came home lorhs. later going to collect my photos at parkway parade. then celebrate christmas bahh.yupp.

Merry Christmas !!! hohoho
May God bless u =)


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