Friday, December 17

sc meeting

this morning woke up at 820 am. cos got sc meeting at 9am. then my dad fetched me to sch. reached at 905am. yupp i was late. but lucky mrs ho din scold me. haha cos i think she was late too. i walked up the spiral staircase with her mahh... hehex

well sc... whoa very busy. then after sc meeting i went to bugis to buy light bracelets for orchard rd tour. anyway orchard rd tour this year was very tedious wk. cso only me and jia min doing. then din reallie receive that much help lyk last year. yupp then have to put in the extra effort in case flop then die la. choi! lol

i bought nearly all the light bracelets from the shop lorhs. one packet one buck. ex sia. then i wanted to buy one more for myself one. but no more left. boo hoo. nvm. i still have 3 at home. after that went to kfc to buy bandito special for my brother. then a kind auntie from china told me that my shoelace drop. lol then i was lyk big bag small bag. sigh. i think i look lyk an ah soh. wadever.

was so glad to reach home at last. then ate lunch. stole two bites of the bandito from my brother lol. aye i buy one lorhs. i queued and i paid lorhs. then i came online. yuppp sighhh... sian.

hols hw still got one whole pile. sc work another pile. orchard rd tour another mountain. not to mention tuition la. wad the. am i wasting my life away cos i am not enjoying myself? i hope not. i guess not.

hols hw is to make sure that we dun forget wad we learn and to engage and maintain our interest in studying.

sc work... i am serving dhs. my secondary school. so i shouldnt complain. its my duty and responsibility to serve dhs as a student councillor. okay

orchard rd tour. i enjoyed being a volunteer. and i organized this last year. its a joy to be able to bring joy and laughters to the elderly. so no complains too.

last but not the least. tuition. hmmm i dunno if i get any fun or joy out of it. but at least i am sure i am getting help with my studies next year. gr8

budd... when i am busy with all this stuff...

wad abt my 2d04 christmas party!!!
wad abt my 6 ch02 christmas party??
wad abt the outing with my two bestest buddies cindy and cheryl???!!!

Is everything gonna flop?

I hope not.

If everything is gonna flop...

I am gonna make sure i put in all my efforts and

make sure it doesnt flop.

yupp thats the spirit.

hmmm i hafta go.

busy busy busy lyk a bee.

oh well.. hmmm bee... cute creatures except that they can be irritating stingy at times.

wadever. life still goes on.


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