Sunday, December 19

kinda badd day yeah?

today is sunday. then erm went to market to eat breakfast la. then went searching for shops which makes delivery for mineral water. cos cip la. my mother was kinda unhappy with all the stuff i hafta deal with for cip. of cos i hafta suffer with her nagging. wadever

in the afternoon. went to my ex neighbour's hse for christmas party. supposed to be on 25 dec de. then erm dunno why bring forward. then her hse in bedok. went there. then erm eat. watch tv. slack la. then after that went to parkway. can u believe it i went to that valudollar to buy 44 tupperwares for the elderly... okie then i told them i will collect them after shopping. then my mum passed me the voucher for starbucks and i brought my grandma there to buy coffee... i bought frappucino or wadever for her. then we sat down and drink then we were abt to go off. then i saw normen and his family. yupp said hi but din notice his sister. lol my playmate worr...

then went back then shop. total sianness sia. then ya went home la. was looking for hp and stuff. but all so ex wan. wad the... sigh.

anyway tomorrow i am going out with my two bestest buddies. cindy and cheryl wheeee.. we are the cca lehh. haha going to watch christmas with the kranks and shop lyk crazy. will be exchanging christmas presents too... whoa. cool. haha. yupp. yeah at least i have sth to look forward to la. and my whole stack of homework. sad sia. hafta gambatte. if not i hafta suffer... reallie very busy. sighhh... party and stuff u noe. yupp i wanna go sentosa. cant even find the time. i seriously need some time to just you noe. lie down and close my eyes and relax. whoa. thats not slacking k. thats relaxing lol. okayy i am lame.


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