Saturday, November 4

Bored-est day ever

Yea today's the bored-est day ever... Grr almost bored to death la. Maybe cos I am used to being busy or used to having some things to do... like painting at the animal shelter, shopping, going around Singapore and crap I am home the whole day today with nothing to do.

I woke up and had a filling breakfast... Then I watched one Meteor Garden VCD, yea I know it's outdated but I dont have other vcds which is like so pathetic. YY's going to lend me goong dvds soon. And I think I will go get some korean or taiwanese dramas to kill my boredom though I am kinda reluctant to spend money on vcds. My brother hogged the computer since morning... so I cant watch korean dramas on youtube as well.

I read the novel that YY lent me, na xiao zi zhen shuai. I think the front part is kinda boring cos I got bored after reading a part of it. Wanted to browse through the buddhist magazine that my parents subscribed to then I went to reply two of the letters from my pri sch classmates. Then I watched tv. I ate a lot too and I had a bad running nose. dammit.

May not be going for yoga tomorrow... cos I'll be going to my grandparents house. Havent visited them for a long long time. I have thought about it. I should go do some volunteer work on saturdays like these instead of wasting my life away.

Geminis hate doing nothing. Ohya it's been a while since I have analysed horoscopes. I need to tidy my room too.

ah I hope no one reads this entry. It's so boring. Well my life's boring. Sianzation. It's been quite awhile since I last used that word.

I need some interesting things to spice up my life for goodness sake.

Life, to be worthy of a rational being, must always be in progression.


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