Tuesday, October 24

I am Lucky Number 7

Annabel, your lucky number is number Seven

Hello, you enthusiastic thing. Well, Number 7, whether dining at the latest five-star restaurant, browsing a bazaar, or hitting the opening night of the latest hot spot, your lust for life is contagious. Like the lucky number itself, friends and strangers alike count themselves fortunate to have met you because you're a walking carnival. Whether it's a four-alarm dance party or a night out with friends, the fun cup runneth over and getteth all over everyone. Your ache for excitement can take you from the slopes of Switzerland to the coral of Cozumel (though you might pass up a free trip to either of these spots to throw darts at a map and do your own exploring). It's tough to keep up with the Enthusiast. Especially since words like "commitment" and "intimacy" are like garlic to your vampire-style of partying. You're all about diversion. Just be sure your high-test lifestyle isn't producing a smoke screen to cover deeper issues in your life. If you can keep your appetites in check and learn to contemplate life instead of consume it, your journey will be much more fulfilling. Developing discipline may be hardest for Number 7s, but the reward will be some of the best songs, plays, performances, books, and comedy routines ever produced. Want proof, you have to look no further than fellow lucky 7 stars, Madonna, Liz Taylor, and Robin Williams.

waha! walking carnival? Yea true. I hate commitments.


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