Tuesday, October 24

Tarot Reading for today

Love: The Pope
Touchstone: The Hermit
Career: The Emperor

?Solitude? could so easily be the keyword in your private life today, Annabel. Under the influence of the Hermit and the Pope, you have a tendency today to contemplate your navel ? Not that you are unkind, on the contrary. These two cards radiate much kindness and sympathy, but you?re focusing too much on your own doubts and uncertainties. You have a strong urge to isolate yourself and to make peace with yourself, and the rest of the world might find this difficult to comprehend. At work, today is marked by a need to take stock of your position. The association of the Hermit and the Emperor suggests that you should take a little step back to establish your strategy for reinforcing your position and to plan better for the future. With perception and impartiality, your battle plans for your career would do credit to Napoleon. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Those italic words are quite true for me. I was in deep thoughts throughout the whole of Semakau tour. The tour rocks. Especially the intertidal walk. Yea basically it's getting to know more about Pulau Semakau, our local landfill area. The different procedures involved in handling the garbage.

The intertidal walk was interesting in a way that we get to know more about the marine creatures, the diverse species present and their different ways of camouflage and survival. It's amazing to see them and being able to touch them. Especially that gigantic sea star. Yea starfish rocks. The octopus were pretty amazing too... And the noble volutes.

Yea it was a really fun tour. And it's not every day that we get to see such stuff la. Enjoyed myself but the walk was pretty tiring. And the ferry journey was dizzy... The engine got clogged halfway when we were on the way to Pulau Semakau. See la irresponsible people, pollute the sea.

It would have been more fun if more people went and if I wasnt in such a solitude mood.

Hmmm I really feel like learning hip hop dancing now leh. Aiya but I scared I dont have time. I also want to volunteer at some local VWOs. So many things to do yet so little time. HCL O's is approaching really soon. Oh man. My chinese's getting lousier and lousier as the days go by. Help.

POH will be having dinner with our mentors and Chip tomorrow night. Ah I need cash. Kinda broke now.

Hmm my life seems pretty good now. And my horoscope readings on's really cheating my feelings. It's going on and on about my romances. crap. nah. no thanks. I would be a fool to believe it honestly.

lalala. I am so tired. Shall go sleep once my hair is dried. Hope that my solitude aka antisocial mood cum attitude disappear tomorrow. And perk your ears up during flag raising to listen to the announcement regarding POH (:


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