Monday, October 23

Untrue Daily Horoscopes

Aw. Grr. My 'Daily Horoscope' these days are so freakingly untrue. Sian. What romance possibilities. Crap. Not that I want it anyway. I am only 16 =D

Ok next, we had a talk after flag raising today regarding CSC as yr5 subject. and whoa I am so attracted by it. waha. Gonna take it as one of my H2 subject units. Let's see... basically I am thinking of taking 4H2 and 1 H1 next year. But I am quite doubtful about my ability to cope. Yea inferiority strikes. Anyway yea the 4 H2 will be Maths, Chemistry, E. Lit and CSC (China Studies) and Physics as H1. I wanted to take Physics as H2 initially but well I think I cant exactly cope. and I am not good at it. I am just taking it at an interest basis. Just hope that I wont get myself into trouble by making this decision.

Will not be taking Economics at all. I dont intend to go into that field in the future. Or at least I dont foresee myself entering that career field la. I cant stand analysing graphs and all. Yea it's just my problem.

There was this talk on PSC Scholarships after school. It's pretty interesting and managed to capture my attention the whole time. During the buffet time, the few of us went to question the lady about the scholarships. I have never really thought of getting any scholarships to aid me financially but today I suddenly have a change of mind. waha if the govt wants to award me the scholarship, why not. I can clear my parents of a financial burden. And furthermore there's scholarships catering to my interest areas, like teaching and social services. So yea why not? It's just the bonds that's making me hesitant perhaps.

I didnt bother to consider scholarships at first due to the bonds. I hate being tied down. I like to be free. But since I am going to go into that career sooner or later, why not just try for the scholarship lor. seriously la. Though I can only be free of the bond when I am like 28 years old? And I need to earn enough money to survive and also have extra cash to open a bridal boutique (to shumin: NOT BOUQUET (: ) with my sistas. I want to go around the world too. Places like Italy, Gold Coast, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong. Haha yea the old 'me' would think of going to these places on my honeymoon. But now I have changed. Romances or whatever, let it come, let it go I dont give it a damn (: Dont have or never go on honeymoons then go with my parents, my sistas or alone lor.

Yep yep. Hopefully I have enough money to get a car of my choice. Before that I must learn to drive of cos. Then maybe I'll get a condo? Then get a cocker spaniel/ west highland terrier as my pet. Yea it's not a must to live alone la. I dont like to be alone.

Oh yea I am having second thoughts about being a teacher. I was asking this stupid question just now about getting a teaching scholarship then teach in a primary school. LOL i mean most scholars will most likely teach in prestigious secondary schools or junior colleges. Ha why primary schools? I don't know. I prefer to groom the students when they are young. Instill in them the right moral values so that they will not go the wrong way as they grow up. Yep that's my logic bah.

But come to think about it, being a teacher means routine job. Teaching and marking. I can't stand routines honestly. I need variety. Geminis' motto in life is 'Variety is the spice of life'. The only thing that perhaps will motivate me to continue teaching would be to see my students excelling in their studies and personal development. I will never forget my primary school teachers from gmps. How they showered me with care and concern. The smiles on their faces when they knew that we had done well in our studies. Yea it's like moulding the future of the younger generations and this is part of making a difference.

Well I dont know. I don't have to decide till maybe two years later? Jus hope that it wont be too late then. I hate to do things that I regret. But sometimes it's unavoidable. yep yep. I felt really motivated by all the talks today. Studies shall be my top priority from today onwards. Of cos in line with 3 F's, that is Fun, Friends and Family.

Hmm just now Mr Chua delivered the POH notebooks to my school then we had lunch together. He seemed pretty amazed by the long queues and all cos he wanted to get a drink but decided not to after seeing the long queues. Eh sad lunch breaks for us. waha.

Then after the PSC Scholarship talk, Eileen, Juehui, Yunyin, Yiling and I went to the art room to pack the notebooks for distribution on Wed. Thanks girls. You girls rock! Muacks*

Ohya. Another funny thing today is I translated a Mandarin quote from June into Hokkien. And ohman it sounds so disgusting. But it really cracked us up. If you are interested, please let me know. I would be most interested to narrate it to you.

And the animal shelter CIP, both Ms Tan and I were amazed by the overwhelming responses from the 4 dhp classes. Then Ms Tan was like 'wah dhp people all love animals de arh'. haha yep yep. We are kind-hearted neh!

I seriously hope that I dont freak out when I see the canines and felines. And hope that they are nice and patient with me too. hee. I bet they are gonna to be oh-so-cute that I will feel so tempted to give them a big hug, if that's allowed. waha.

love is but an embellishment of life; friends are a necessity - cos I can't live without them ^^


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