Tuesday, October 31

CSC Schedule 2007

whee finally completed it. I spent the whole morning plus early noon gathering information. Phew finally. I'm so happy, I'm so glad.

I came across this quote during my research just now : 'Procrastination is cancer'. Yep how true. Procrastination is deadly lor. Makes you waste your life away. If not for the deadline I might have procrastinated doing the schedule. bummer. I must change this bad habit of mine.

Other bad habits I have to change:

being late and rarely on time
bad time management
tend to sleep late and wake up late
compulsive eating when stressed
spending more than necessary

wahaha bad bad bad. So many bad habits. As for the last bad habit hor, it's kinda impossible to change it. Cos I am a gemini and apparently geminis love to gossip. wahaha too bad. Horoscopes rule.

I have been online since morning. Should get going. Ohya watched Jay Chou's MV making tv prog jus now. Not bad but they didnt show the making of the mv for Tui Hou. Jay Chou rocks. Talented singer, songwriter, director, actor. ALL ROUNDER. whee he rocks.

I hope that Ms Tan wont find too many faults with the csc schedule i drew up =S I put in my best efforts already.

Going for yoga class later with Yuhan and Qian Bing. and there's animal shelter cip tmr. hohoho. I am the i/c tomorrow. And I dont know where the bus will be. where the animal shelter is. And eeps. I havent done the attendance list for tomorrow. UH OH. Alright say no to procrastination. I am going to get it done NOW.

before i go, I just want to say. I feel like going to watch the documentary -An Inconvenient Truth. No doubt it's educational. I am just scared that it might put me to sleep... I hope not. Shall go catch it next week la. Wed to fri is packed with the cip le. Weekend... hmmm nah too expensive. I must save money leh.


every effort counts (:


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