Friday, October 20

My Daily Tarot Reading

Love: The Moon
Touchstone: The Star
Career: The Judgement

-->Today you'll be surrounded by warmth, affection and calm. The association of the Star and the Moon is offering you a clear sky in which your feelings can sparkle like stars in the firmament. Love is on the cards, and friendship too, and new encounters will bring you great fulfillment, dear Annabel. Use this happy day to regain confidence in yourself and your charms. You?re finding your work really fulfilling, and you enjoy many moments of satisfaction and opportunities to develop. Under the auspices of the fruitful union of Judgment and the Star, you?re brimming with positive energy and you?re able to channel it directly into promising projects. You?re certainly prepared to put in all your effort and creativity to achieve your objectives. Keep up the good work; it?ll pay off.

so damn true (: I'm loving it!


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