Friday, October 20

UN Mock Conference

wheeee my team representing North Korea won the 'Best Position Paper' award. WHOA. I couldnt believe it. I wasnt really listening during the prize- giving ceremony. And when 'North Korea' was announced, I thought it was for Jue Hui's costumes. I have never expected us to win the 'Best Position Paper'. The presentation was scary. But I was pretty excited before it.

A few people to thank for today:

Mrs Tan Bee Kee, for lending us her Korean hanbok, which is really expensive and beautiful.

Ms Devi, for her guidance on our UN Mock Position Paper.

Eugene, Colin and Li Hui for lending us their ties.

4J and Mdm Nora, for your support and words of encouragement during the conference.

And last but not the least, my fellow team members, Jue Hui, Yi Ling and Shu Min who are also my haojiemeis (: Thanks loads and all our hard work has indeed paid off. All the late nights spent and fear encountered were worth it =D I am so glad we went through it together. We're never alone, cos we are one. WHEE. CONGRATS.

And also all the audience cum delegates plus teachers present at the conference.

Thanks to all.

I still dont understand how come we managed to get the award. And I think Eddy looks really chio in his Korean hanbok. LOL. Nice one. It was predictable that he will get the 'Best-Dressed Delegate' award. Ying Qing looked really pretty in her costume too. Amelia looked really sweet and adorable. Jue Hui looked pretty and mature. And Jess and Hong Yi looked like a pair of couple. waha. Eileen was seh! (:

After that, I went to Suntec with Yun Yin and Yi Ling. It had been a fun day. With lotsa funny and embarrassing things taking place, all the static touches, all the hunting for autograph books, and all the 'cookie' talk. hee. Ohya not to forget the 1-litre-carton-apple-juice-sharing. Totally FUNTASTIC AND FABULOUS. We actually chatted more than what we did at Sakae the last time. I think it's because that day was the last day of EOYs, and our energy were all drained out, not to forget our brain juices.

I forgot to tell my mom that I was going out just now and I reached home at 7pm plus. and she thought I went for yoga. waha. I am in such a good good mood today and nothing can piss me off. Will be going to YQ's house tmr. Ah and I am going to start on my autograph book later. Kinda worried that there may not be enough time for everyone from 4J to finish writing but it's ok.

I am wondering if I should go to my grandparents' house tmr. Feel like having some time to myself by staying at home, finishing Pei Yu's belated bday gift and watch the dvds Li Wen lent me. But my horoscope reading for tomorrow seems pretty good for partying out.

Your horoscope forSaturday, October 21, 2006
It's almost a sure thing that you'll have a big smile on your face today. Your social life is aligning in a way that will help you meet friends and find adventure wherever you go. Look for messages in the afternoon, and a last-minute change of plans that lets your Saturday night morph from fun to fabulous. A blind date or chance meeting could change everything about your love life.

But the one on's kinda contradictory to the above. Shan't post it here. I chose to believe in the above. waha (:

Yun Yin told me that sometimes she felt like changing my wardrobe for me, cos I always wear clothes of the same style. waha. Yea I agree. A lot of people have been commenting on my dressing. I also think that it's time for me to try some new styles. ohwell. But I am someone who would rather spend money on watching movies and buying accessories than on buying clothes. Oh my someone please enlighten me.

And it's really demoralizing to shop around without money. I didnt buy anything today cos I was broke after eating lunch, with only a few cents left in my wallet. I still owe Yi Ling's money for the apple juice. And bad news. I was so thirsty just now that I felt dehydrated, which means my body is filled with toxins and I can't burn calories efficiently oh no.

does telepathy really exist? I feel so tempted to believe.


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