Monday, October 23

Gathering at YQ's hse on Saturday

Wen Jian reminded me to blog about this cos I really forgot about it. Well, it was another fun day at YQ's house. She's really very very nice to invite us to her house again. Whee this time juehui and shumin didnt go. But yunyin and yi ling went with me. Was really high and sang alot of songs! F-U-N.

We pooled too and boohoo my skills deproved. Kept missing then granting the opponents free balls. Sad la, esp for my partner waha.

Sang alot of Jay Chou's songs. Whee high~! Then stupid jun ming ruined everyone's singing and of cos polluted YQ's microphone.

We brought some snacks along too and lunch was pizza. Whee.

Basically it's a fun day out and we went home only in the evening. Ohya before I forget, Wen Jian sang very well wahaha! I know he is reading this >< But really true la, he didnt go offkey this time, like how he did when we went kbox tgt. Darren's singing not bad too. YQ still had sore throat but sang quite well too. And Yunyin can sing Rainie's songs really well!!! Haha exact cutie voice.

Yea. Pooling is fun. Gonna practise loads and loads. Yea! I think even Yunyin and Yiling better than me leh. Sad la. Never mind. I'll learn from them. Alright that's about it.

Whee love 4J class gatherings so much. Though not everyone's present but as least part of the class were there. I am SO looking forward to our class chalet... EXCITED (:


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