Monday, October 30

Movie 'Marathon' at Yuhan's house

woohoo I love Yuhan's house. Homely and comfy with splendid scenery. I want to live in a house like that too (: yea we had a hard time deciding to go for movie or kbox at the foyer and finally decided to go Yuhan's house for a movie marathon.

It wasnt exactly a marathon cos we cant fast-forward the movies or anything but we managed to chiong two movies in one afternoon. Daisy, which made us tear and Eileen laughed. She was laughing at us when our tears rolled down our face. EVIL. It was so touching k. Daisy symbolises hidden love. Daisy is my birthday flower and it symbolises purity whee I love daisies. Anyway you know that gerberas are american daisies (:

Second movie, Helen the Baby Fox. Touching and inspirational film but I didnt have any particular overwhelming emotions. Maybe cos I was busy indulging in titbits and not paying much attention to the film.

Both movies rock. Then before we left, Yuhan showed us this MV she found and one done by herself. Yep impressive. Yuhan has potential to be the next 'Royston Tan' (: whee. I will support her.

Anyway I am dying to go to the cinema and catch a movie or two but dammit there's no nice movie currently. Hm let me check when the nicer movies will be showing...


whee finally. But it's still 3 days away. Ohya we were given our subject combination option forms today. And the list given does not have the combi that I wanted initially which is

csc maths e.lit chem

I know it's a weird combi. Neither arts nor sciences. But hor what matters is I like ma. And now I have to review my combi options. Can make special request but I doubt they will grant it. So currently I am thinking, its either I pick up bio and drop e.lit or drop chem and go into the arts stream. grr.

I wonder why I am so reluctant to give up sciences. maybe cos i like them? Or rather I am jus scared that I need them for my future career, in case my interest rekindles after jc years which is most probably impossible but still there's a possibility crap.

I want to have a good night sleep. I don't want to feel troubled over this whole issue, unnecessarily. The most important thing I feel, is to follow my heart and do what I like.

Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty slack day at home. I have to work on my csc schedule 2007. Ah stressed. I am not exactly good at planning ahead. And planning ahead for the club is a big responsibility. Shall just do my best. There's yoga tomorrow night. Whee excited. Erika's gonna leave for training soon and her son will take over the lessons.

Yunyin sent me the soundtrack from Daisy. It's melancholic, melodious. I like it! If you havent catch the movie, you should. Buy the vcds or whatever. Just watch it! Cos it rocks. I realise that classical music is niceee too. Soothing and calming.

i need to go on a diet, badly. It's either my weighing machine is spoilt already, otherwise I am going to spoil it soon, if i dont go on a diet.

i pass day by day painting love.


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