Friday, November 3

Camera officially spoilt

My digital camera can officially be declared to be spoilt. Since yesterday, it has been having this focusing problem with the lens. dammit.

I am so irritated by the 'di di di' sound to alert me about the focusing error. grr. Anyway I have been in a grumpy mood since yesterday. Perhaps it's the scorching sun, perhaps it's the wet rainy day. But I've still enjoyed myself at the Mutts 'n' Mittens Animal Shelter.

The CIP started on Wed and the reporting time of the volunteers almost pissed me off. But it was better yesterday. Yep. Since Ms Tan put me in charge of this CIP, I made it a point to NOT BE LATE. So I left my house at around 11.15am every day and that includes today. And I will reach Pasir Ris at around 11.45am. Whee if I maintain this, I would have gotten rid of my very bad habit of being late.

I dont really like to come online these days. Bored. But I am online now because I had to help my dad email some photos to his client and so I might as well blog.

I love daisies these days. Cos they are my birthday flower and I realise that they are pretty and pure. And they symbolise hidden love.

I feel good taking initiative to help. And I should take more initiative these days. Yep.

I learnt how to wax a car last night (: It's pretty easy la, just like wiping a table after spraying water =S

And now I have to go get ready to go for the cip at the animal shelter. Today's the last day of the CIP but those who want to continue volunteering can do so, I think I will be doing so.

One more thing, I am starting to love animals LOADS.

i have a red, burnt nose. No wonder I smelt something burning yesterday when I was painting the animal shelter. doh.


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