Monday, November 27

Telematch Dry Run at Mt Sinai Campus

I was supposed to meet Peixin at Alj stn at 9am before taking the train to Buona Vista together but she only woke up after I gave her a morning call upon reaching the stn. LOL but I managed to get on the same train as Shu Min and so yea we chatted on the train.

The train ride was 33 minutes long. 12 stops from Aljunied. Not very used to it. I told my dad to fetch me to the mrt station only though he offered to give me a ride to the Mt Sinai Campus. Cos I wanted to get a feel of how is it like to take a train to school early in the morning.

The earlier part of dry run was pretty boring. But the game station with the obstacle course and blindfolded people made me lose my voice. Grr all thanks to those distractors. You know who you are >< evil people.

The apple-passing game was fun! That's the one I enjoyed the most I guess. Perhaps cos I was pretty good at passing the pieces of apple. I didnt drop any at all! (: The guy team beside us was super funny. And my team gradually won the game, after overcoming all sorts of distractions. we rock!

There was this other game called Water War. From the name itself, one can foresee the danger of getting wet. Shu Min and I were the defenders for our team's pail of water. And then opponents were like charging at us to steal our water, and when not successful, the water got spilled over both of us. Actually I was the one who got wet first, all thanks to Shu Min's smart way of hitting Ping Yen's cup lol. Yea lotsa water-splashing and screaming (that was me). Both Shu Min and I were drenched. Still got Meng Shuen who came over and kicked our pail. Waha I know le. The dent in our pail must be made by him! But I cannot splash him back la, he's injured so I cant possibly bully him. Fang Ming and Joanne also kept targeting our pail of water too. Shu Min and I must have looked too-easy-to-be-bullied. LOL at the end of the game, we won. Must be due to Huang Lin and June's hiong-ness hehe. and Shu Min and I took revenge at those people like jm and colin who had fun making both of us drenched! thanks arh ><

Yea so we were wet and so we continued to play 'Bouncy Nemo' in the rain with wet chairs. It was kinda hard to bounce and I was not really sitting on the chairs.

On the whole, today's telematch dry run was fun. And it was not dry at all, all of us got wet and happy (: The train ride back home was tiring. There will be another dry run next week but I cant make it, will be at an overnight service learning camp organized by SVC.

Going to gym with Shu Min, Fang Ming, Huang Lin and Qian Bing tomorrow. I want to try the weight-lifting machines. After all the fat-talk with them today, I think I am very fat lol. It's time to go on a diet. Seriously seriously. But I always say but no constructive actions taken. aw sad. Actions are always harder than words. hee.

my december holidays are going to be really really packed. I am praying hard that the agency attachments after the service learning camp will only be in the morning and afternoon. Then at least I still have the evening and night to play... And there's the SPH Conservation Ambassadors workshop this thursday and friday. Excited. But it's gonna burn another hole in my wallet. $20 for the workshop. It will go to the Wildlife Conservation Fund. So at least it's for a good cause.

alright that's all for now. enjoy your holidays and remember to smile always, cos you'll never know who is falling in love with that beautiful smile of yours (: cheers.


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