Thursday, November 30

SPH Wildlife Conservation Ambassador

I am having this spinning headache now. Must be due to the lack of sufficient sleep last night hence I am going to sleep really soon, most probably after this post and packing my bag for tomorrow.

Well I dragged myself out of bed reluctantly this morning at 630 am. Becos I've to reach Singapore Zoo at Mandai at 845pm. Supposed to meet yy at City Hall at 715am but she couldnt wake up in time. So I headed to AMK by myself first. I attempted to read my new romance novel on the train but it was too straining on my eyes so I stopped reading. The journey from City Hall to AMK was around 17 minutes.

The day at the zoo was more or less considered fun. I enjoyed the tour to the Fragile Forest where we will be carrying out our duties for our 6 attachment sessions. Ohya we started off with ice breakers... same old stuff but it was quite fun.

Hmm after lunch was some worksheets-doing in the auditorium and we were granted an early dismissal and so we took the opportunity to tour the zoo. whee went to the animal feeding session for the polar bear, proboscis monkeys, hamadryas baboons and jaguars. Yea it was quite an eye-opening experience.

Waited for like super long for bus 138 to ferry us to AMK stn. Upon reaching the mrt stn, yy and I encountered some traumatising experience with a volunteer selling donation tickets. Shall not elaborate much but both of us did not buy the ticket due to the same reason. Great minds think alike (:

The train journey back home was the most tiring, squeezy ever. And I had the spinning headache since then.

Tomorrow's the second day of workshop at the zoo and also the last day.... and we are going to have a test on our skills for being a guide at the two conservation areas. We were told to go through the notes given today. I started on it just now while watching tv but my mind was too tired to accept anything. I give up. I shall just go get my precious beauty sleep then read the notes on the MRT train tomorrow, afterall the journey will take about half an hour if not more.

After today's workshop, I became more aware of conservation issues... Yep and I think everyone should play a part in conserving the Earth's resources for 'lasting good of men'. Yea and I am glad that I had participated in the workshop to become a licensed conservation ambassador at one of the famous local tourist attractions.

Yea i shall end here. My mind is too exhausted. I better go sleep. Shall end off with this quote.

'Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by our children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.'
- Native American Proverb


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