Sunday, November 26

Fish Leong's Concert at Expo

Attended Fish Leong's concert with Shu Min, Wenxiang, Boon Kian and their friends yesterday. Rushed like crazy from expo mrt stn to the max pavilion. We got pretty good seats and yea were pretty high. The concert only started at 430pm lor. Wenxiang even bought lightsticks then Shu Min and I took quite a few.

The concert rocks. Fish Leong rocks too. I can be considered her fan now I suppose. And Shu Min and I and Wenxiang's friends perhaps were amazed by how high Wenxiang was during the concert. He was even higher after shaking Fish's right hand.

Then during the autograph session we went to get her autograph and he shook her left hand. lol Shu Min went off after the concert for her mom's birthday celebration. I also shook Fish's hand. Yep enjoyable day. The wait for the concert was long but I suppose it's worth it.

Boon Kian, Wen Xiang's friend, Wenxiang and Me (: Happily holding our autographed Fish Leong's CD


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