Monday, November 27

Photos on the last day of School

Me and Shu Min. Twins foreva~

my daughter-by-law, my daughter and their mother (:

my mdm, her Maria/Tina and our pet (which has yet to be sent to SPCA)

ohno. Peixin-abuse! ><

Me, Peixin, Geok Joo, Jess, Huishan and Liwen
friends forever~!
Sock Hian, Shu Min, Clarissa, Me and Jue Hui
woohoo charlie angels!
(note: Kenny was NOT supposed to be in the photo lol)
4J06- Just Joking Publications
34 faces.
(365 x 2) days
the memories.
we will never walk alone; cos we are one (:
And last but not the least, presenting to you:
Jue Hui, Yun Yin, Shu Min, Me and Yi Ling
sistas forever~! love ya loads
Looking at the photos I realised that I really missed 4J. Yea we may still be in DHS next year but things will not be the same ever again. Things always change. People will change too. Just hope that our friendships will stay the same. It's sad that nothing lasts forever in this world. But well at least fate brought us together before and we have all the wonderful and fond memories for keepsakes.
4J rocks rocks rocks.
(Shall dedicate another post with testimonials to each and everyone of my classmates another time.)


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